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  1. Got my new Creation 630 and downloaded a trial version of Signblazer (Havent gotten my disk yet) any way, its a USB emulator problem I think? Ive followed the instructs and inserted the cd with the drivers and everything went well (Using XP BTW) set the coms in the Device Manager and in the SignBlazer program. tried to cut a sample and nothing? The info gets sent but the plotter just sits. So I went back to the install dist and found a program called easy send, I opened it and two windows are avail and they both have a com selection box, so I set them to 3 like the others and the plotter sprang to life! all was well till the next day! tried to cut and again nothing? went back to the install easy send program and the com windows are reset back to com 1? but this time when I change them to three.......NOTHING!! Help Please and pretend I know nothing about programming PooK
  2. Turns out it was my computer. Before the end it would drop a USB or two and never see them again? turn off the machine and a different USB would start working....Got so bad in the end that if I changed the USB in devise manager then clicked on cut it would boot me back to desktop I reloaded the program onto another comp and ran on USB #4 and all is ok so far EXCEPT now Im having problems registering SignBlazer that I bought over the net from blazer themselves??? Boots me to desktop if I choose anything but "Trial" PooK