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  1. Yes it was to big lol my firat cap i ever did lol gotta learn on something lol
  2. ok well now its works and has no rattles, I did my first cap I need alot of practice.. still missing some screws but I guess thats no extra charge right..( be cool if I got some kinda credit for having to deal with this nonsense a nice coupon code for next purchase,hint hint..)
  3. Update I attached the yellow wire with green strip to the body and used a spare nut on top of the screw and the terminal fell apart.. smh soon new terminal it is.. I'm just thinking now what would happen if I would have not paid attention and plugged it in..
  4. just got my new cap press I wasn't aware it needed to be assembled most if the screws were in the box except a few so I'm attempting to save myself the headaches of shipping.. This is my item anyone know where the yellow wire goes.. i have managed to get the rest pretty much where it needed to be i think..
  5. You're the best!!!!
  6. When trying to export to jpeg in the second section it has an option for background it says transparent or solid color how do I get it to be transparent it's not letting me choose that option. Is there something I should be doing first.
  7. As a regular plotter, well like a mh721 or just what it's meant for like scan an cut,just thinking might be nice to have the best of both worlds or am I expecting to much.
  8. Style

    So much out there.

    I'm pretty new to this I have a guy that charged me 900 for window decals for my detail shop and never came back after installing them crooked he wanted 700 for some car decals so I purchased a mh721mk2 and in my first 2 weeks I've made over $4k just doing stuff for businesses around mine I have logo I think its summitsoft then I save it and use VM cut 4.0 to vectorize and plot it.. I was just looking for some fonts similar to the other guys site I linked they seemed kinda neat.. I was thinking about upgrading to titan already but this one seems to work perfectly.. I love that the 3m 24inch rolls averages 1.00 a foot..
  9. Style

    So much out there.

    Yea not sure on that either lol but I like the fonts any idea on what they are using, also to have a nice stick family pack wouldnt be a bad idea..
  10. Style

    So much out there.

    I see so much out there but not sure where to even start,anyone know what kinda software places like this one use I'm just looking to get started any help is appreciated here. What's the best place to start coral summitsoft etc..