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  1. gsRt5

    Vinyl not sticking

    Yes the shirts are from jiffyshirts and i did prepress the shirts. I think i have a ir thermometer in my nitro car box. Ill check it later today, thanks!.
  2. gsRt5

    Vinyl not sticking

    Whatever they packed with my kit. No brand on it, that I seen(link below). Tested on a 100% cotton shit and worked like it should. wife ran out and bought some Cricut sport flex vinyl and while it stuck a little better, it seems like it will fall off after a wash or two. USCutter Bundle: 28" SC2 Vinyl Cutter + 15x15 Heat Press Htv Sign Vinyl
  3. gsRt5

    Vinyl not sticking

    Really new here and trying to make some shirts for work. I have the uscutter 15x15 and from the reviews one said not to use the heat transfer paper that comes with it, cause it wasn't working for them either. any truth to this? I calibrated the machine, added more pressure, more heat and they still wont completely stick. Any advice will be greatly appreciated
  4. gsRt5

    Hello from tx

    Im new to all of this. Just ordered a starter package off the page.
  5. gsRt5

    Hello from tx

    Appreciate the advice! completely missed the link :-/
  6. gsRt5

    Hello from tx

  7. gsRt5

    Hello from tx

    Wow I’m such a moron The wife found it in between 2 boxes. The cutter was in a brown box then placed in a white uscutter box. I thought this morning to look for an invoice thats usually taped to the side of the box but nothing. She gets home from works and finds it by taking the brown one out. she hasnt stopped rubbing it in either. eitherway, thanks for the suggestions and for trying to help.
  8. gsRt5

    Hello from tx

    Was going to look into another program, Mac compatible would be awesome. Son hates that i have to use his gaming pc and yeah, nothing in the box beside the stand and cutter.
  9. gsRt5

    Hello from tx

    Really? I hope so
  10. gsRt5

    Hello from tx

  11. gsRt5

    Hello from tx

    New here, just received my start up package yesterday and will be using the forum a lot for help and info. Ran into an issue already! anyone else get their cutter with no software? I will be contacting as soon as they open but i triple checked everything for a key. Was really looking forward to getting started this weekend :-/