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  1. raheel

    Graphtec fc8000-100

    Yes I do notice guaged on the cutting strip. But only use 1 tint roll (around 30feet). Any precut software recommendation?
  2. raheel

    Graphtec fc8000-100

    Its cut perfect in the beginning but at the end it dont cut rite. I mean if I cutting the front window then it will cut the rite way but when it does the last cut it do not cut the film for some reason. U think it's defect in the machine?
  3. raheel

    Graphtec fc8000-100

    What about the speed? What speed really does when cutting the film. I mean high and low speed make fine cut?
  4. raheel

    Graphtec fc8000-100

    I recently purchased 52" graphtec fc8600 plotter for tint and ppf and trying to setup speed and force for tint film. I am using blue holder with 30 degree blade for tint. I adjust blade in holder bu cutting the sheet to make sure its not cutting the liner and cut just the tint sheet. I setup my speed 20 and force 18. I tried with less then force 18 and it dont cut the film but with 18 it cut the film but some area it cut the liner of tint film as well.. Please help if anyone have this plotter or know about setting. I am new with plotter