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  1. Sure. I'll try it out. What about prewashing t-shirts before heat pressing?
  2. sorry, that wasn't what I meant. Let's say I print a picture of someone's on a transfer paper; can I weed (trace) with my seiki cutter. Please see the image attached. Can I cut the image (just like letters)?
  3. One more question. So I want to heatpress two tees; is it necessary to prewash them before I heatpress. The tees are white and 100% cotton, plus they are not really neat nor dirty. I'd say they're dusty.
  4. Y'all have been really helpful. This forum is by far the best I've come across. I know this might not be possible, but I'd still ask though... Is there a way to cut out an image after printing on a transfer paper? I can't think of using a hand cutter or a scissors as it won't give me precision.
  5. It Worked! I installed the SignBlazer Software, and it worked. The weeding feature is awesome, and the font styles are great too. Thanks again.
  6. The store (branding materials) closest to me does not have it. I would need to make a short trip to get it. But do you think my idea would work?
  7. Alright, thanks. I have some packages installed, yet I get same error message. I will see if I will take it to a professional. Thanks though
  8. Thanks. I'll try out the inkscape while I try to get the incut installed.
  9. Thanks for this. I'll check it out, cutting with inkscape. Again, I tried installing the Python 3 (since I need it for the incut) but it seems I have a .NET Framework issue. Can you help with this?
  10. Hi guys, hope you've all been good. So I want to brand a 100% cotto T-shirt. I want to put a name on the back of the shirt. So I'm thinking of using a Laser 1 Opaque transfer paper for this. I'd love to know if I cab use a transfer paper for putting names on a shirt after the plotter cuts it out. Again, I want to heat press a white T-shirt, so I'm thinking of printing an all black on the transfer paper, so I'll cut out black letters. Lastly, if I print on white t-shirts with the laser 1 opaque, do I still need to print white color on it before cutting out the letters or should I just cut it out (since the color of the paper is white). Thank you for giving me your time. Grateful as always.
  11. Lol...I did not see that. I guess you just saved me 800+ MB of data.
  12. I checked the inkcut, and it is quite complicated. I would need to download Python software before i'd be able to run it.
  13. Thanks you for your time too. I'd be grateful if you'd also follow this thread. Will share my challenges here.
  14. Do share your thoughts about the link i sent
  15. I found this Flexistarter 12 link. It says permanent lifetime access, for no cash. I will try downloading it later and see. You have really been helpful...thank you very much. PS: From what i have seen about this seiki cutter, i will need assistance with other things when i get a sign cut software and start cutting. Thanks again