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  1. So I have been having nothing but problems with this fc7000.  Granted I picked it up used but the thing works, just not well.  Circles can be hit and miss.  Say like an instagram logo with a name.  First one is perfect, next ones are lopsided and transfers through the whole thing, not just the logo but reset and cut another, back to perfect.  Also, the thing randomly speeds up once it starts cutting.  Sometimes its right off the bat, will have speed set to 10 and it jumps to 35 once it starts.  Other times itll get through a few cuts then all of a sudden, bam 35 and we are off to the fucking races.  I cannot figure this thing out to save my life.  Please give me some recommendations.  All graphics are done in Corel X7 and converted to eps file to run through sign blazer and are running on a windows 10 computer.  I tried using the graphtec controller to run on condition 9 but it will not save any settings such as speed or pressure so I am adjusting on setting 3 on the cutter itself.  I don't mind the extra step but cannot figure out why it randomly changes.  Sometimes it runs the whole thing on the correct speed, others it takes off.  Any ideas?  Anyone know where to get a copy of Corel X6 so I can just run it straight from Corel with their plugin instead?  I am guessing its gonna be a software issue with sign blazer but don't know for sure.  Any other suggestions on cut software to run instead?

  2. OK new issue, haha.  Got it up and running.  Had the cutter stop a couple times in the middle of cutting something, searched, saw it could be a sensor issue.  So I turned them off but now when I do the cross cut after cutting some, it sounds the y position alarm.  I cut the media sensors back on and it doesn't do it though.  Any ideas on where to look first?  I have not pulled off any covers or messed with it other than cutting the sensors off and back on.  I also did not cut the pinch roller sensors off, they are still enabled.  It only does this after the cross cut, no other time yet.

  3. Ok so got the cutter.  Driver installed, controller good to go.  Tried using trial vinyl master to cut hut its showing error 11, anyone know what that's about, something about an esc command but no idea why.  If anyone has a link for signblazer that would be great.  I found one but it was for 6.0 and I dont think 6 works with windows 10

  4. Ok skeeter.  Bought that one on ebay after an offer, figured it could be a good step up into a much better machine.  Now the question is, when it gets here should I do any kind of reset or anything like that on it? Obviously will download the drivers and stuff from their site but didnt know if that would update any firmware if needed and or if i should just so the factory reset to start from scratch.  We will see if the 30 is enough and if not, i can always keep it as a backup and grab a bigger one later.

  5. Yea I'm a new kinda guy.  Have never had any issues with it bubbling on the crease and always send instructions for install.  Never had any issues that weren't end user related.  I will def keep an eye out for a used 48 but in the end a ce or better would be a huge step up from a gcc expert II haha.

  6. It's not that I absolutely need the 48 but have had to turn down a few jobs as i am limited to 24 right now.  30 would be close but mainly to do larger side graphics that are all one piece and 24 just wont cut it.  I've done plenty of flags and such that are tiled and using 2 pieces that work just fine but some things just cant be tiled and work well.  The 48 inch rolls from a cost standpoint run the same per foot as a 24, just more square footage per foot.  Taping wouldnt be an issue, just tile the tape and use 24 or smaller pieces.  Easier to overlap the tape then have someone line up the decal imo.  I'm not 100% sold on doing the 48 but feel that I definitely wouldnt be as limited as the 24 I currently have.  I'm to the point I want to upgrade and have just started looking now.

  7. It appears to me the only thing making it "set up" for tint is the catch basket and anti static cords.  It's obviously not the exact same machine as it has 4 pinch rollers instead of three.  I've looked at their website, it provides no comparison though.  That's why I figured I'd ask here to see if anyone knows the actual differences and not just what can be read on the internet.

  8. Does anyone know the difference between these two machines?  I emailed Graphtec to ask but have not received a response.  I was initially looking at the standard 120 but definitely need the media catch basket.  That separately though is another $600 when, if there is no difference, I could get the 120 AKZ with it already for less money.  I don't do any type of window tint or ppf but would be nice to be a future option with the AKZ, just want to make sure I'm not buying a cheaper machine itself I guess.

    Thanks for any help!!