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    I have the letter M typed in VinylMaster Pro at 3 inch tall When I try to cut it, it's trying to cut like 24" tall. What is wrong, what do I need to reset?
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    Also, I have had everything about 3 years. VinylMaster Pro and 8600 cutter. This is the very first problem I've had. I am watching your video now in hopes I will spot something.
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    I got the size part fixed. So what happen was my cutter jammed my vinyl and the machine started beeping. I turned it off then back on and tried to work as normal. Size was off. Got that fixed. Now new problem is It won't read registration marks. I was getting Error Code e04017, got past that but it still won't read reg. marks so I can contuor cut. I assume I have a setting off but don't know which one. Any help with that would be awesome.
  4. I have a Graphtec FC8600-130, may cutter jammed up on some vinyl and continued beeping until I turned it off. Now when I try to do a contour cut it won't read the Reg. Marks. I get error EO4017, I've tried resenting the machine, re-loading my VinlyMaster Pro and nothing seems to work. Can anyone tell me what error code EO4017 is and how to fix it. Thank You