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  1. Serial still does not work. This was using USB. But this flag was the whole reason I went down the road of serial after two failed cuts.
  2. Well I'm not sure what I did right or wrong, but after several hours of troubleshooting it finally just drew my flag with a pen on paper. I did not know about grounding until today but I was able to ground my cutter using some wire and connectors I had here at the house. I also saw where some were putting dryer sheets in their vinyl rolls to help with static. Not sure if it helps but Ill try it, Big thank you to all who responded trying to help!
  3. Seems to be my problem as well. I can live with USB, but it is a problem when it will not cut what I need it to like the high quality flag i was trying to cut. Ill try out the signblazer software. Also, I do not see US Cutter SC2 in the list of cutters that signblazer can be used with.
  4. Okay, I was able to change it over to COM 2. Reboot the computer. Auto detect the plotter. Still nothing. Here's a screenshot of my settings both in Device Manager and in Vinyl Master.
  5. A few more images from my end. Thanks to those trying to help me resolve this. I was able to USB cut a few minutes ago, but still not with the serial port.
  6. Software is vinyl master cut 4.0. I just tried sending it 6 letters typed out with no luck. The keyspan adapter is hooked up using the cable that came with the plotter and is securely plugged in on both ends. I do have the blinking green light and when I send it data is does go solid green. I did reboot my computer after the driver was installed.
  7. I switched back from the one that came with my plotter, auto detected it and still no movement. I can send it things to do but it will not respond to them. I'm not sure I know what you mean exactly. I can go into Device Manager and change settings on the Keyspan, but I'm not sure what I should change. I did try switching from hardware to software on the flow control, but it did not change anything.
  8. Hello all, this is my first post here and unfortunately it is because of issues. I wanted to switch from USB connection to serial on my SC2 because while cutting a rather large flag it had the same mess up twice right in the middle. I purchased a tripp lite keyspan adaptor from Amazon, installed the drivers and plugged it all in. Now my cutter will not respond when I send it something to cut or area test. It auto detects just fine. I am running Windows 10 on a Lenovo Yoga 920. I called customer support three times during hours last week with no answer. Any help is appreciated before I break down and buy a new plotter. Thanks