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  1. Yeah when I made the purchase it said it was available.
  2. Ridiculous! So frustrated w this company. They have taken my money for a week, and probably at least another week to give it back. So i was told the titan3 53" was backordered til today. No call, no email. I called them to find out titan3 53 wont be available til September! And no one can process my refund til monday! Totally sucks. What a horribly disappointing WASTE of time and energy. Probably wont even buy one now! The titan3 53 is the only machine in my budget that was a good fit. By September i will be moved on to something else or wont have the coin:(
  3. stickchick

    SCAL on Windows?

    thats what i want to hear. thanks. i thought so, but wasnt sure.
  4. thats wierd. i thought i sent the link to the medium tape:
  6. thats good to know. do you mean something like this? terrible...I used to own a machine that split rolls. i got it from a Boeing surplus sale. i had no use for it at the time and got rid of it. ST0000-0007 Nekoosa Perfectear 575 Application Tape - 48" $134.40
  7. Very disappointing though. Of course the 12th is Friday so that means I won't see it till probably the end of the following week... Yeah I've been wondering about the application tape (masking?). Do I need some kind of dispenser? Is that necessary? I'm sure my husband can build me one easily w a big dowel. And I need my work surface / table. I already downloaded signblazer and VM cut. I plan on buying VM Pro at that discount price of $299. But I can play with the other options first. Already read the Titan manual. There wasn't much to it. But I'll keep it on hand. Anything else you can think of?
  8. I ordered from clean-cut. But now I'm bummed out. Their inventory Checker did not state this when I made my $2,000 purchase!
  9. Too late. I figured the discount wouldn't be all that much anyway. But it's funny they said they've already processed and shipped the order! USCutter says it's still pending review. I hope I get my order this week
  10. how do we apply the clean cut discount for being a forum member?
  11. oh, one more thing. i should get the ones that are roland? edit: nevermind. i answered my own question. they direct me to roland.
  12. awesome. thats what i will get.
  13. im going to order some clean cut blades now. what should i get? im reading about 45* & 60*. but according to the descriptions, i might need 25 & 30 if im cutting large letters in standard vinyl? im thinking a couple of each for now? 25 and 30° are recommended for window tint, thin and stretchy heat press materials, and large lettering (3/4"+) in standard vinyl. 45° The normal all around blade for cutting down to 3/8" letters in vinyl to 10 mi and everyday heat press vinyl. 60° use this blade for harder to cut material (paper, sand blast mask, laminates) and small detailed cutting down to 1/8".
  14. one idea my husband had, you know that stuff they use in commercial kitchens for cutting surfaces? i think it called "hdpe". my husband has access to large sheets. He said he would build me a big sturdy work table and put a sheet of that stuff on top. Is this a good idea? thx for all your help. im sure i will have many more questions:)
  15. well i finally did it... had a big scare though, my card kept declining. some security bull. I will get some more supplies next week. heck, i will probably want the graptec next week!