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  1. We are trying to have the plotter do a perimeter cut around the decal with the curves and round edges. This cannot be easily done with a trimmer or shear. The blade would only be set up to cut the application tape, not the backing paper.
  2. We have tried it on our Graphtec CE6000-60. Thanks
  3. We are looking to use our Graphtec plotter to trim application tape that we have applied over a graphic. Has anyone done this? The workflow would be to have the plotter cut reg marks in the same size/location as if there were printed. We would than weed the graphic and leave behind the plotted registration marks. (see attached photo for example) When we have tried this, we can never get the arms sensor to consistently read the plotted reg marks. Is there any reason why the ARMS sensor would only be only to read registration marks that have been printed? Is this even possible? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!