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  1. HI, I have a modern Graphic Arts Vocational class that was once offset printing and has become digital printing and graphic design. I recently got the thumbs up to purchase a device for die cutter paper (to help teach package design), vinyl . . . And whatever else would enhance our program and better prepare students. I personally have purchased 2 cameo tabletops, but now the school is buying and they considerably deeper pockets then me. Honestly paper die cutting is more important to my class then vinyl. But I also know vinyl is more applicable to business and industry. It seems there are also application with screen printing and sublimation. I have never die cut for screen printing and I know nothing about sublimation (but if it helps my students I am willing to learn). I need 3 different quotes, but I also MUST know it is the right machine, because purchasing at school never gives you a second chance. Also if I keep buying for my class I will end up divorced, so I very much would appreciate some good, easy to understand recommendations. I appreciate anyone’s assistance.