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    Slip solution misting system ?

    Hello, this would be off topic than cutters but I went to tint shop near my house & saw the shop using small pressure pump & some kinda mixer unit on wall & it was connected to 5 hand held sprayer for slip solution. i want to have that setup but can’t seem to figure out where to start ? Anyone any ideas ??
  2. Hand cutting is tuff for me & paranoia kicks in makes everything difficult plotter would be just very ideal as I can advertise computer cut & all .. start with entry level plotter & make my way up to higher brand .. for now the seller with expert 2 will be demonstrating the window film cut & says don’t need any kit as that plotter is meant for cutting films. i don’t have extra money to burn but keeping my fingers crossed that Expert 2 will lead my way into Roland it graphtec one day ..
  3. Yes the seller will be demonstrating the film cut
  4. Tanks again for putting all the input guys, this is really helping the brother out, as I don’t know anyone that knows plotters or tinting, mostly people are saying get Roland or graphtec but it’s way too out of my budget
  5. This plotter is used & bought only for tinting by the seller, so he saying I don’t need anything else just a tinting software ..
  6. What do I need to do when I go check this plotter as this would be my first plotter how will I find out if this plotter will do the job ?
  7. Hey guys thanks for All your help, really appreciate it .. i have decided to pick me up GCC Expert 2 its slightly used & its 52” wide, seller is saying it’s made for window film .. any thoughts on GCC Expert 2 for a start up plotter ?
  8. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-general-electronics/city-of-toronto/graphtec-print-cutter-plotter-ce6000-60-excellent-condition/1441415455?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=ios_social hey can someone can tell me how’s this plotter ? as everyone using graphtec & Roland I rather buy used graphtec than a expert 2 GCC
  9. 52’ is my ideal size
  10. Hey thanks for your reply, Tinting window & PPF is my side hustle so I don’t want to spend too much on graphtecs & Roland as they scale over 4-5K. I want to buy entry level plotter for about $1500-2000. My goal is to tint 2-10 cars a month. if can help to guide me a plotter in my budget & something that will cut window films would be awesome. Tjanks for the chart about the plotters !!
  11. Thanks guys , what is a take on GCC plotters ? They seems to be available for decent price & they advertise as a tinting plotters ..
  12. Hey guys , am in market for my first window tinting plotter , there are whole bunch of used vinyl cutting plotter in my range, now I don’t know if they will work on window films ? People selling this plotters don’t know either ! Am trying to buy PRO CUT MH1351SE model 52’ but it’s vinyl cutter & don’t know if it’ll work for window tint ? can someone help me please?