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  1. speeddemon47000

    How to get started on Motorsport jobs?

    What's the best level of Vinylmaster to go with for this application? I have been playing around with LTR but cannot seem to replicate the "thickened" numbers that are pushed together like racing guys often do. I stumbled across a couple sites that after racing number templates on https://schoolofracinggraphics.com/products/vector-racing-graphics/vector-racing-number-sets/. Is it possible to replicate these styles on VM??
  2. speeddemon47000

    Race Car job

    what software was used for these numbers?? I want to start cutting racing vinyl and have played with Vinylmaster LTR but can't seem to produce "racing style" numbers..
  3. speeddemon47000

    How to get started on Motorsport jobs?

    Hello, I have been involved with motorsports my whole life and have always had an itch to do my own vinyl / lettering / graphics. I thought the best way to start was with a middle of the road cutter and figure out what level of software I need. Playing with a demo version of Vinylmaster LTR, I can't seem to produce numbers that look like "racing" numbers. I'd like to get a crash course on getting started but couldn't find any "sticky" threads with info.