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  1. Hello everybody.I'm new on this forum but I see that there are a lot of smart people here.I hope that some one will help me.One of my clients have a recent problem with PDF files produced automatically from our software.One the web page made with our software people can create and order labels sent to them next day. Labels are placed on label sheets(small pages) , label sheets are placed on big ready to print PDF. Ready to print PDF can be downloaded in the Admin panel.Recently one of our clients is saying that those big PDFs that we are producing(49`x25` PDF files that contains 30 or more label sheets )can't be opened by his Versaworks application.He can work fine with smaller label sheets but it is not fast vs printing one big layout file.Can some one please try to open this example file in VersaWorks 5.5 or newer ?Also if it is really "corrupted" file does anyone know what is wrong with the file ?Link to file is hereBig File label sheet file ... pdf_01.pdfThank you for your help in resolving this problem.All Best