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    Wanna share your photo?

    Hey friends I frequent this site so much that I see you like part of my family. I was wondering if you want to share your photo? Lets get to know us better. Come on dont be shy, let us see you! It will be fun dont you think? Ok, Ill be the first. Here I am!
  2. JoeCamaro

    New Vectorizing Site

    Hello everybody I just wanted to let you know I am offering vectorization services. I made a site for this purpose and I woud like you to see it and give me opinions. The purpose of it is to vectorize and simplify things in order to make cuttable designs. Free vectors are cool, but not always you can get what you are looking for. If you ever need custom graphics, visit my site and I might be able to help you. Thank you. Joe
  3. Im looking for Carnival related vectors. Any kind. I am not going to cut them, they are for a magazine add I need to design. I will need people dancing, balloons, confetti, everything I will appreciate any help. Thank you very much! Joe
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    You can email or pm me or visit the link in my sig.
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    newbie and I really need help with a logo

    No, I didnt send him the vector file. I just sent a jpeg. Thats how I usually work (might change tho). I vector, I send jpeg for preview, customer approves or request changes, customer pays, I send vector. I did not send a vector file, but I worked it. Riddle, I dont chrge $5 for all jobs. It depends on complexity. $5 is for one color graphics that I can make in one trace, like a continuous shape. Complex things are priced different.
  6. JoeCamaro

    newbie and I really need help with a logo

    Disappeared before or after you got paid? Before I usually get paid after job is done and approved. Might have to change that.
  7. JoeCamaro

    newbie and I really need help with a logo

    I did this for this user, we were having good communication until I got the design done. Then he dissapeared
  8. JoeCamaro

    2 ceramic tiles with vinyl

    Wow! All are awesome! I have made a few but none as cool as those. I have always wondered how to safely ship ceramic tiles. Anybody selling them online & shipping them? How do you go about it? Thanx!
  9. I am now accepting offers
  10. JoeCamaro

    Roland GX-24 for sale: Cheap

    Haha, Im just kidding. I will keep my Roland Refine as a back up. It worked very good for 3 years so I wont get rid of it. I got a Real Rolad GX-24. I just made those decals for the fun of it, lol.
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    Blade offset 0.25 not working for me

    I was looking trough SignCut x2 settings and I saw the blade offset was set to 0.025 and the box of the blades + this forum members suggest setting the offset to 0.25. I changed the setting and it starts cutting a doodle, many lines at the same time. I kept looking and the blade box says 0.25 MM, my software is set to cut in inches. SO, should I look the equivalent of 25mm in inches in order for it to work properly since my settings are in inches not in mm? Or should I write 0.25(mm) and it should work fine anyways? Im lost here. Joe PS This are my settings. Is there anything unusual?
  12. JoeCamaro

    Suprise for my son

    That's a cool room!
  13. JoeCamaro

    sign cut doing this

    I'm glad you solved it. I always check my designs in wireframe before cutting as it will show any imperfrctions.
  14. I remember somebody cut a realky really small Chevy Nomad decal and I have been trying to locate that post, but I can't find it. I have been searching for over an hour, but no luck. Can anybody point me in the right direction?
  15. JoeCamaro

    sign cut doing this

    1. Check the artwork in wireframe in the design software. 2. Reset machine. 3. Check static.
  16. A Roland GX-24 should be able to do that, right?
  17. I see. LOL! Thanx for taking the time to do so. Next time just tell me "Bill did it" and I'll go look for it so you don't have to go trough his 1/2 million posts, Thank you!
  18. Thanx SD! I appreciate it! I promise I looked and looked. I searched for Small, Nomad, Weeding, Detail and couldn't find it. Maybe next time I will do a search on my laptop (bigger screen) instead of my iPod. I appreciate it!
  19. Wow! Your first post and it is to say thank you and show your work! Thats really nice! You did a great job on everything.
  20. JoeCamaro

    Need the name of this font: Please :)

    Can anyone identify this font? Thank you!
  21. JoeCamaro

    Need the name of this font: Please :)

    Wow, that is fast!
  22. JoeCamaro

    Window Clings

    I think fivestar (member) makes them. Pm him.
  23. JoeCamaro

    Where Schramm???

    I read he got tired of people getting tired of him (if that makes sense)