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  1. Hi MZ SKEETER, I read it did not have ARMS, I was not using ARMS but there was something that I used initially that was automated and it worked well the first time. Maybe it was something in VM software? Same issues happen with the manual settings though. Blade offset was zero with the pen, and then set back to default for blade. I did not use blade at all for any of these contour tests though as I didn't want to waste material. Other than that, I have very limited knowledge on blade offset as i've just been using the default settings without issue so far (for things not include reg marks). The blade depth is perfect as well. I have written down several pressure settings and blade depths for many different materials now. No ripping or cutting, no cuts on the silicon strip. My jobs with vinyl and vector cuts are excellent and provide amazing detail. My main issue is when I am using the registration marks for when I use transfer papers. I previously had the mh-871 and had success with it. I was able to make very intricate designs for many different things and I upgraded to this, the SC2, specifically for the laser/reg mark feature. Cutter scale is something I don't think I know about or messed with though. Where and how should I adjust this? I will get back to you when I next mess with the machine. Thanks, V EDIT: Also, since I just invested into this cutter, if anyone has suggestions about other cutters around this range that can do at least registration marks, or maybe do them better, I may be enticed to move my investments around... Around the forum, and as SKEETER mentioned, I have heard graphtec and roland a lot. Graphtec mostly. I am open to suggestions. EDIT2: Ahh, yes, I did indeed put ARM into the title... I may have to get that removed.
  2. Hello USCutter community, OS: Windows 10 Software: VinylMaster Cut Cutter: USCutter 34 Inch SC2 Series I have spent a considerable amount of time going through the manual, online tutorials, and topics created here on this forum to try to remedy this issue; I have done each of the 5 calibration options available to me multiple times and I have tried to reinstall the usb chipset drivers. I have no idea where to go next and I am not fully sure if getting a replacement will fix the issue. I have attached an image with two test sheets: Contour Cut Test Sheet on the left: This is what happens when I align the laser to the center of each registration mark as the program prompts me to. Contour Cut Test Sheet on the right: Almost looks right, but its not at the bottom. This is what happens when I align the laser to ONLY the first registration mark (the one with the square) and then nothing else (just pressing enter until done, not aligning registration point 2,3, or 4). Strangely enough, this is the test that has been the second most accurate. The most accurate I have gotten contour cutting to work was the very first time I used it: I printed and contour cut a design and it worked perfectly. I printed and cut 3 more (4 total) and pressed 4 shirts that day. This issue is what happened the next day when I tried to cut THE SAME DESIGN but it wouldn't cut right. Sorry for the long post and appreciate the help, V EDIT: In another topic user MZ SKEETER proposed an interesting product for people using USB, as I am. The link to the topic and product is below. I am going to try this BUT I would like to hear all suggestions still since this may not be a definite solution. Topic: (http://forum.uscutter.com/index.php?/topic/56112-contour-cutting-issues/) Product: (https://www.amazon.com/Tripp-Lite-Keyspan-High-Speed-USA-19HS/dp/B0000VYJRY/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Tripp-Lite+Keyspan+Adapter&qid=1552238049&s=gateway&sr=8-1)