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    28" Specialist cutter

    Vinyl was Oracle 651.
  2. reignink

    28" Specialist cutter

    Thanks I will definitely do that. Also, why would it cut fine the first half of the design but trail off the second half?
  3. reignink

    28" Specialist cutter

    The width of the vinyl and just a little past that.
  4. reignink

    28" Specialist cutter

    Sorry if this is posted somewhere else, I'm new here. I purchased a 28 vinyl cutter and went to cut and I tried cutting a design around 22 inches wide to test it out. For some reason it works just fine in the first 12 to 13 inches, but after that it doesn't cut as deep. I read somewhere about possibly the cut strip being too far down on one side but I'm not sure. Anybody have any thoughts on what it could be? Thanks for any help you can give me.