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    Trouble converting PDF into SCAL 4 pro

    Thank you for the help. I think I have it figured out. I did not realize you could and have to ungroup multiple times. I thought it was a one and done. Thank you again. Learning something g new everyday!!
  2. Hey there new to the forums here. I am having trouble getting an image into SCAL 4 pro. Basically what is happening is part of the image will import into the software but there are no cut lines. There is a square around the image but because of the white background the image wont trace are plot cut lines. I can get the image into inkscape and save as a png but am still getting the same problems in SCAL. I am using a Mac and I think these images were sent to me in a docx file as well. Any pointers would be very appreciated. Have not been in the vinyl cutting game very long, trying to wrap my head around everything. Thank you in advance. Window decal.pdf Window decal_2.pdf