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    Lynx PII60

    Thanks for the encouragement. I managed to get it to communicate with the LXI software and it was able to open a DXF file but only part of it showed up. But the machine tried to cut it so I guess I'm happy so far. I still have to get a pen tip. The one that came with it is long gone and probably dried up anyway. But at least I know it works. Does anyone know where I can get a pen tip for this? The company that sold it doesn't sell it anymore. I've seen some HP tips online that look exactly like the one I used to have for this machine. Are they pretty standard?
  2. Lefty2

    Lynx PII60

    I have this old Lynx cutter that I pulled out of storage and wanted to use it as a plotter. It came with a pen tip to put in place of the blade and I was thinking I could plot to it from AutoCAD. It only has serial and parallel connections so I got a parallel to usb converter cable. The machine uses a dongle that goes along with LXI software. When I installed the machine, windows drivers for it installed successfully. I thought it would just appear in my "printers" list but I can't seem to get it to work. Is this even possible or am I on a fool's errand? Thanks.