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  1. Idaho Carol

    15" x 50 yards UNPUNCHED vinyl available anywhere?

    Skeeter- THANK YOU SO MUCH!! went there, found what I needed and got it ordered!
  2. Idaho Carol

    shape cut outs without spacing in between

    Darcshadow has the right idea- after drawing and tiling, select the "weld" feature to join all the cut lines.
  3. Idaho Carol

    In need of printed decals

    Jesse- there's several printers that do what you've described- check ebay. Here's one example:
  4. Idaho Carol

    Vinyl won't come off transfer tape

    I stopped using high tack transfer tape for this reason. Temps have a lot to do with it, too
  5. I use to buy unpunched vinyl to use in my friction feed plotter, but it's getting almost impossible to find it anymore. Looking for a 50 yard roll of 15" matte white. Got any sources here in the US? Thanks in advance! ~Carol