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  1. Johnny007

    Redsail RS720C cutting error

    i dont know if this is the problem but when the cutter reaches the boundary it locks up and the red light flashses . it happened some times and i understood that the problem is with the position of the blade . like when it reaches the corner it locks up.. sorry my bad english i dont know the terms used for this machine...
  2. Hi Everyone, i need help with my redsail tech.. my PC just got a problem and i have to format it and reinstalled flexisign pro 8.1 .. and i use redsail tech vinyl cutting plotter 720 rs.. the problem is now after the boot i cant find REDSAIL tech in the production manager ADD setup list. i dont know if i have to post this thing in the flexi board or this vinyl cutting board (sorry). well i would be very happy if you guys could help me with this problem... I use serial cable for my redsail cutting plotter and i use flexi 8.1 and i cant find the redsail tech in add setup of production manager.. i dont know if it has anything to do with my PC but i am using windows 7 ultimate with 32 bit and 4gb ram please reply fast. Thank you
  3. Johnny007

    Font Setting Help

    thank you guys but i accidentally found out the solution to my problem. it is very simple . its just that i should not click on the font i should use arrow keys without open the font list . thanks for the help anyways
  4. Johnny007

    Need Help With Size Problem

    i know that red is there because i selected the design but thats not the problem . the problem is i am getting different sizes before and after clicking on cut/plot. actually i found an alternative like normally i put a bit small size before cutting and affter click cut it will become the size that i want but its not working everytime
  5. Johnny007

    Need Help With Size Problem

    Hello everyone. i use flexi sign pro v8.1 and i have a problem.the thing is that i BEIZER a image or type a name and click on the cut button and after the cut window opens up the size changes slightly sometimes and a bit higher sometimes.i will explain now. for example i type a name like this so you can see in the picture the size is 5.870 and 2.295 right. but now after i click this cut/plot button the size changes a bit higher or lower . so its a trouble for me i am not getting exact in this picture you can see that my size changed to 6 inches. it is random everytime. it some times decreases than actual and some times increases .please tell me a solution
  6. Johnny007

    Font Setting Help

    Hello everyone.its me again and this time i need some help with my font setting well what my request is that when i show the fonts to someone i have to show them the font on the right side its very small but i want the acutal name on the screen to change when i change different fonts.i will explain you through pics 1.after opening flexi sign 8.1 . i type a name and click on the 'A 'symbol in the design central menu or the other menu. AND FOR changing the font i keep the cursor on the font type and it shows a small text but i want the big text to be changed. in the pictures i explained see them please. so you see in the microsoft word when we keep the cursor on a font the actual text also changes to the font i kept the cursor i want the same in the flexi so that the font names appear big. you can see that in the second picture the small text is according to the font i kept but the big text didnot change. help me out please.( i am sorry my english sucks really bad . its just that i am a indian and i dont talk in english much )
  7. Johnny007

    Need Help.Flexi Sign And Redsail

    well i tried this sign blazer but what i got is . there even no beizer tool for bitmapping my image i mean like if i take a coloured image like bitmap image and i used to beizer it to get black and white and its all confusing in sign blazer so tahts why the seeler suggested us flexisign pro. its very hard to use i uninstall the signbalzer elements i think onloy this flexisign is easy(i am really sorry ) PLEASE GIVE ME a link or help me to get this ftdi drivers for redsail vinyl cutting plotter 720 c . i didnt not get anything in internet. and i have to buy this flexisign pro with money? if yes i will buy later but for present some one please send me a flexisignprov8.1 pirated one nad tell me how to install it new
  8. Johnny007

    Need Help.Flexi Sign And Redsail

    alright i am gonna test it sorry but thanks man well i did not get any usb dongle as i said that guy came with a pendrive and installed flexi and activated it and took his pendrive and went youre saying taht my flexi sign is pirated? and yeah i didnot get a usb dongle so it think its a pirated one that he downloaded from internet. and in the com port i have to keep this REDSAIL TECH usb cable andi nstall a driver and in my flexi i have to put port com1 for cutting .(my english sucks again) and above all this if any one of you use this flexi sign and redsail vinyl tech please show me your exact properties.i think that it will work(maybe)and yea sure i am gonna try signblazer today.
  9. Johnny007

    Need Help.Flexi Sign And Redsail

    well i didnt not try it cause this flexi sign is easy and i need the stencil for tatto and i use beizer and i am posting a video of my machine and the problem please check this and help me and if it neeeds sign blazer then i will try it . so this is my problem guys. my red sail machine and flexi sign .i dont know which one of em is giving the problem. my machine used to cut continuosly until one day i did a factory reset to my flexi sign. so i thnk its wrong with the softtware itself and from that day onwards my machine is taking breaks in cutting a single design before it used to cut continuosly . i think i have to change a setting in the flexisign but i dont know what is it and from the beginnign both the usb cable and serial cable are connected and now also its the same all that changed was the cutting and also before it used to cut panel shape.we ll i contacted taht guy who gaveme this software he said he will come soon but he is not coming so i made this thread so that i could get some help
  10. Johnny007

    Need Help.Flexi Sign And Redsail

    well here is what i have right now A SERIAL CABLE AND A USB CABLE in the manual it said we should not use both cables and for the usb cable we need to install a driver but for serial cable we can just connect and use so i am using serial cable right now .read the manual i have kept and i will keep the pictures as soon as my father has come .but anyway thank you very much for helping me. and yes till yesterday i used to connect both the cables (usb dongle and serial cable)after posting this thread i read the manual and aagain unplggued the usb cable but there is not change i think its something wrong with the settings like BITS PER SECOND or some thing like that Redsail Cutting Plotter User Manual I.pdf this is my machine its from youtube video the same kit i got there but in the CD i didnt not get the flexisign pro so i contacted other guy as i said .like you said i think he used a pirated flexi right? cause he used a key code for activation but i dont know whether it is original or duplicate i gave him 400 ruppees so i think he must have gave us original.please ask me anything you want about the software and all i will tell you and you can solve this problem(my english sucks)sorry Redsail Cutting Plotter User Manual I.pdf Redsail Cutting Plotter User Manual For USB Port_ FTDI.pdf
  11. Johnny007

    Need Help.Flexi Sign And Redsail

    Oh I am sorry I forgot the important things. I use serial cable but not USB cable cause the redsail tech said we should not use we daily unplug the machine and keep it inside and then next day we plug the cable in the guy I contacted said that because of unpluing the problem came. I am sorry I don't know what USB dongle means
  12. Johnny007

    Need Help.Flexi Sign And Redsail

    Hello Everyone. i dont know how to start but i need some help.i use flexi sign pro 8.1 and redsail vinyl cutting plotter 720c. well i am from india. and recently my father has kept a TEMPORARY TATTO SHOP in a shopping at april 18 i bought this redsail vinyl cutting plotter but the sales guy didnot give us a proper flexi sign pro file so we contacted another guy and he came and installed flexi sign pro and connected the machine and when we cut a single design it continuosly cutted the design.but one day i had to immediately stop the machine so i pressed stop (online button) and then in the production manager i need to delete the JOB right? so i accidentally deleted the setup that is Redsail check this photo so i contacted that guy who gave me this and he told that he will come tomorrow but customers are rushing in and i did factory reset in the preference manager. and since then my machine is cutting like this . it is giving breaks while cutting like for a single design it cuts 20 percent and then again 20 percent like that. its taking a lot of time . you see i need the stencil not the inner part that is they use it for stickering AND I need the stencil part. please help me out . i dont know if it is the machine or the software(flexi sign). that guy i contacted told me that there is a problem with my software and asked me to reinstall.i am still learning the before it used to cut the panel shape also that is rectangle or square so after the reset its cutting only what i chose but not the panel shape. some one please post your video if your machine is cutting continuosly and please show me your cutttings and please give me a suggestion about this. I AM SORRY I TALK TOOO MUCH I JUST WANTED YOU GUYS TO UNDERSTAND IT CLEARLY.I AM SORRRY.
  13. Johnny007

    flexisign cut twice...

    lol i had the same issue and i noticed that my mouse has a problem of double click so when you click the send button it gets clicked twice and two jobs are sent. i think thats your problem