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  1. Just to close this off, and thanks for the responses. I got an old desktop computer I have which runs Windows XP 64 Professional, I put an old VIA serial port PCI in it, and used a serial cable from it to the Graphtec and it worked first time. With all the above settings. So the problem was the USB cable, even though it said it was installed properly.
  2. We had a different serial adapter and cable with the mac, it was a mac one that I couldn't get to work with Windows. So I bought a USB to serial cable, Prolific chip and driver, that I think installed fine, the system says the driver is installed and it is working. Yes I wondered about the other settings, the flow control on the USB port is set to none, and the same in Signblazer, the Bits per sec, 9600, data: 8 bit, Parity none, Stop bits: 1. Its running on Comm 1 - through the prolific USB port (Comm 1 was the only install option apart from LPT in the Graphtec Driver, I so I installed on Comm 1); I thought maybe there's some other setting I'm missing, or some test I can do which could find the fault. The cutter is on HP-GL, but it seems to receive nothing. That said, before the cable had the correct driver installed the cutter came up with an I/O error when I sent data, with the driver installed it no longer comes up with that, so I think data is getting through ... do people have more luck with the ieee 1284 parallel port? I could try that next if I get another cable.
  3. ok thanks, we'll look into it.
  4. Hi, my wife has an old FC3100-60 that she uses occasionally, until recently with an old Mac computer, G4 I think, which has died. She wants to set it up to work with Windows if possible, we've read a bunch of old posts on here and thought we had it setup right but it's not working. We have the Graphtec 4200 drivers installed, with a usb to serial cable (with driver installed), have Signblazer with the Graphtec cutter selected, using the correct port. The cutter is set to HP-GL, and when a file is sent for cutting it seems to go (no errors come up), but nothing happens on the cutter. Is there anyone on here that has a similar setup running that could let us know what your settings are, or any ideas to get it working? We've also tried Signgolite software, which lists the 3100-60 but doesn't work either. I wondered if it's because we've installed the 4200 drivers as that is the oldest drivers they have now on the Graphtec site, and maybe someone has the 3100 drivers they can send us? thanks.