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    MarwanB, almost 3/16"
  2. USCutter, I've been using my Pcut for about a week now and I'm very happy with it. This forum is great and was a big reason I chose a USCutter. Can I suggest a few things. A lot of questions here can be answered in the print out you shipped with the Creations Pcut you should post it here and sticky it. On that sheet of paper put "READ THIS FIRST" on the top and the USB section is a big blob of text. It would have been easier to follow if broken up with bullets, numbers or something. Thank you, -Hobbot
  3. Hobbot


    My Creation Pcut I just got 2 weeks ago the blade just drops in and held with a magnet no need take apart, no adjustment screws at all. The other interesting thing is this holder looks completely different from pictures in the manual which does show an adjustment screw. But anyway the one I have works great.
  4. Hobbot


    I don't think clear coat over the vinyl is a good idea you might cause more problems. If your worried about longevity 3M has a Edge Sealer check it out I think this is what your looking for.
  5. This is all covered in the print out sent with the cutter the first line reads "Thank you for your purchase!". NO it is not setup like a printer, it won't show up in Printers and Faxes. Basically you will install the drivers with the blue disk when the computer finds new hardware when you first plug the cutter in. There is a lot more to it so you really need to find that sheet of paper.
  6. Hobbot

    design program?

    This happened to me with inkscape to SignBlazer. What are you using to victorize? After you vectorize the art work make sure you delete it so all that remains is the vectorized version. Then using "save as" to get an .eps and import that into SignBlazer.
  7. Hobbot


    I think the best plywood you can get is MDO (medium density overlay). It's got a smooth rasin overlay on one or both sides and is rated for outdoor use. The bad I'm sure its more expensive and harder to find. More common plywood is labeled with a code like ACX. The first letter is the face, the second letter is the back, and the x is for exterior adhesive. "A" is the highest grade smooth with no knots, down to "D". In any case exterior plywood will be damaged and warp when exposed to water so paint all sides and edges. The word "enamel" simply means the paint will dry to a hard finish and can be applied to almost any type of paint.
  8. I have SignBlazer Elements and when I start the program it doesn't remember any setting I have set or saved last time I used it. Some examples, Unchecked the box to show tips at start up does nothing it always shows the tip. In work space set up if I type a name and hit save then I look its not there. Is this normal for Elements version? Thanks
  9. I noticed on my Pcut the vinyl can hit a lip on the front edge of the cutter. The vinyl would pop up and get shredded. I stuck some masking tape across this lip to make a smoother transition.
  10. Hobbot

    Another newbie owner

    Just wanted to say hi and thank you for this forum. Seeing the support here made the purchase of my UScutter Pcut easy. Chad