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  1. easycomeeasygo

    Some Feedback/reviews, looking for a new cutter

    I've been working lately with both Cricut Maker and Brother ScanNCut2 But from my point of view either would be perfect for what you want to do. There is a learning curve with either one, but nothing you couldn’t handle. I cut vinyl and the card stock with them, and both are capable of intricate work. For me, I lean toward the Cricut because the workflow feels smoother to me, but ymmv.
  2. easycomeeasygo

    Image help

    I understand that I'm really late for the party, but in case someone still has the same question unsolved, here's a guide on how to prepare a black&white image for cutting using Silhouette Studio. Link: https://westmontlibrary.org/makery/convert-a-raster-image-to-a-silhouette-cut-file/
  3. easycomeeasygo

    Need some help with an image please!

    I simply use Illustrator from Adobe with my Silhouette cutter. It's super simple once you get used to it. Here's the video on that:
  4. easycomeeasygo

    cool idea for shirts

    That's one awesome idea! If I make this someday, I'll get a shut off print like that:
  5. easycomeeasygo

    Custom cell phone holder

    Looks sweet! Where can I find a holder like that if it's still relevant?
  6. easycomeeasygo

    Happy to join!

    Hey everyone! I've been browsing through the forums for a while now and finally, I'm a fresh member. I own my second gen Silhouette and I feel like it's time to go further. And that's why I'm here ─ for a piece of friendly advice, which I'll ask for in some other topics. Thanks for attention, guys.