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    Black/Dark Colors not Printing Correctly on Mugs

    I have realized that it was a lot to do with the cook time. Bringing the cook time down, has helped but now I am left with a faded section , the furthest away from the pressure source... Full pressure doesn't seem to make any changes and so far, I've gone through 12 mugs trying to solve this.
  2. I have been searching for an answer on this for quite a few days.. I'm really at a loss what to try next to achieve a more solid print, with two different style mugs. Both are rendering close to the same results. My typical process: *Warm mug up before taping print over top* 400 degrees 180 Seconds Medium Pressure Mugs I am trying to print onto: (photos included) Cheaper mugs from Amazon Conde / Dyetrans "Mug11" Paper I have tried so far Texprint XPHR A-Sub Print settings I've tried: Regular Paper - Standard Quality Regular Paper - High Quality Premium Matte - Standard Quality Premium Matte - High Quality I print onto apparel, rock slates, and many other sublimated items just fine. Only mugs have been giving us troubles.. Any suggestions, we'd be very thankful! I've attached images to help show.
  3. TaylordPrints

    Scratching chrome vinyl

    I had this same issue when we cut chrome vinyl for the first time a couple months ago! Did you figure out the problem? I have 2 customers that love the chrome vinyl but I'm not going to send it out if it's scratched. I'd love to hear any tips anyone may have? Thank you!