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  1. Are you making printed stickers or cut vinyl? Generally you add registration marks on print design in a rip software- onyx/caldera/etc. After it's printed with registration marks, you load into the cutter and send file with kiss cut and perf cut. The arms will read the marks and start.
  2. Motioneffects

    HP 25500 and DSR?

    The L25500 is at the end of life. Going forward, there will be no replacement parts, ink, etc. Unless you can get the printer for free. I would even pass if for free because it will just take up space.
  3. Motioneffects

    Full Color Decals

    If you are doing well now and think you can keep it up in the foreseeable future, I say go ahead and make the purchase. Keep in mind there are maintenance needed with latex, solvent, or uv printers and they CAN NOT just sit for days without printing or the print head will be clogged and destroyed. A head replacement is around $4k to $5k. -Back to the toys, I recommend Epson S40600 as a serious entry level machine that's able to do 99% of what you need. MSRP is around $16k but there are a ton of discount with them, $6k to $8k off MSRP. Call around. If you need to print White or Metallic, go with S80600(double the price of S40600 and much less discount available). You would want to pair it with a nice cutter, at least a Graphtec CE if not a FC. I'm a Summa user (S2T) and I recommend them only cuz that's all I've ever used, but can't go won't with either brand. You would also NEED a laminator too, there are some used Royal sovereign for a decent price like $3 to $5k. Forgot to mention, you would not want to put the printer in your basement cuz the ink smells bad and I do recommended a exhaust system to vent the fumes outside and a air filter. A CWT table would be nice to. Owning a printer comes with lots of baggages and if you are not a full blown sign shop with some solid local clients first, I would pass and out source the printing part. There are a ton of people here who sell online, and it's not all that great IMO. Online selling platforms like Facebook, Instagram, eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, sounds promising but none really work for decals, stickers, signs, unless you pump a ton of money into ads, SEO, influencers, etc. Anyways, enough of me talking, good luck with your venture. We are here to help if you have questions.
  4. Motioneffects

    Graphtec 8600 vs 9000

    I stop using the tangential feature and just use the drag knife. It's loud when cutting and only useful when cutting intricate designs. The plus side is the tangential head offers 600 grams of down force even when pair with the drag knife vs 400 grams/f on the non tangential head. I am a tool snob too lol and wanted the best they offer but having used both, I can definitely live without the tangential feature but not the lesser force.
  5. Motioneffects

    Graphtec 8600 vs 9000

    Graphtec FC9000, welcome to year 2010 Summa S Class features. Lol all jokes aside, but for that price, you should look into a Summa S2T. All the features the New FC offers has been on the Summa S class since 2010. While I have never owned a Graphtec, but people on the "other" forums who have used both says the S class just edges out the FC in just about everything. I don't know since I have never owned one but I heard the durability of Graphtec is second to none.
  6. Motioneffects

    Is a mobile signs shop a good investment?

    Not sure if trailering your equipments daily like a plotter and different types of printer is a good idea. The shock from going down the road may damage or throw off the alignment of the cutting head or print head. Otherwise, great idea!
  7. Motioneffects

    Need source for high quality vehicle images

    Check out Fiverr or Freelancer. You can snap a basic picture of a vehicle (or part of a vehicle) and hire someone to edit. If you use Freelancer, I advise you to start a contest and pick the best work you like. Good luck.
  8. Motioneffects

    CE6000-120 or 120 AKZ

    Summa makes great cutters, wouldn't hurt to take a look at their SummaCut D-series. It's slot between Graphtec CE and FC. Some argue the SummaCut D series is above the Graphtec FC in terms of features.
  9. Motioneffects

    New to software...need help please

    You can do it a couple of ways -Take a picture of the window and trace it with the pen tool in AI/design software. Or cover the window with a large sheet of paper and trace/cut the shape of the window, then take a picture of the sheet and trace it with a pen tool. I no longer do pre cut window decals, but i can if it's a one off job for a friend were they don't have the skill to install decals then precut would make it easier. Look at my picture, it has registration marks, what I do is add it on the design along with the window cutout line. Send the flag design to cutter, weed, apply transfer tape, color in the registration marks. Then put the decal back into the cutter and send the window cutout line as perfcut, your cutter will read the registration marks and cut out the shape. I'm not sure if your cutter has registration marks reader but I would imagine most do now. (Note-the blade will dig into your cutting strip, but it's cheap to replace when it gets worn out, at least for my cutter.) If you are selling precut decals, get a carrier sheet and apply the registration marks on it. Then you can just put the flag on the carrier sheet as it will take 1/4 of the time. Good luck
  10. Motioneffects

    New to software...need help please

    Ahh the good days of selling American flags to 4runner owners.
  11. I think OP is trying to precut the decal with transfer tape applied to make it easier for customers. I.e. back windows for Jeep, 4runner, etc. Check the reflective material on that clear transfer tape as that may cause reading issue. Glare is the biggest issue with the sensor.... turn off the lights, use a sharpie and color over the marks, etc. If that doesn't work, 1. check your settings for minimum distance on registration marks to the edge of the vinyl, 2. amount of force the rollers need to move the decal with the weight of transfer paper, 3. Are there marks straight? 4. Calibrate the sensor. You would need a carrier sheet to hold the flag in place after the contour cut/perf cut. Plus it will save the cutting strip, but they are cheap to replace and from the sound it, you do perf cut so you maybe used to replacing as strips.
  12. I used to tint windows during college for extra money and I would do about 2 cars a day. Everything was hand cut and like Go-C said, it offers tighter clearance vs plotter cut when you master the skill. Not that the plotter was not able to do a better cut but the outlines on the software was just a tad off given that was also 18-19 years ago. There is a tint forum, see what there opinion is on plotter cut tint these days.
  13. I'm located on the east coast, but that coast is lengthy. I may be able to do a sample cut of your magnet on my cutter (Summa S2T), rounded corners or square corners, nothing intricate as I don't want to destroy my blade which is literally 2 days old with less than 30ft of vinyl running thru it. The minimum width of material to fit the cutter is 8 or 9 inches. I not sure about length since I have never cut anything short-term maybe 12 inches?!?! But if you are looking to spend that kind of money to cut magnets, I recommend a used flatbed cutter- more robust and versatile.
  14. Motioneffects

    Distressed Flag for Vista Roof

    You just let the secret out!!!!! I sell various style of flags for Jeep's, trucks/SUV panaramic roof, rear center windows, rear side windows, etc. I ship in a box that 22x6x6 USPS First Class for anything under 15.99 oz and priority triangle box over 1 lb. I try to keep it less than 22" length to fit the box and send First Class but if it's over that I also have 30" box which will always be ship priority.
  15. Motioneffects

    summa D60 - any good?

    Not really familiar with the older models but here is a link to the manual for Durasign T series. I know on the newer models (s class and s2) it comes with Winplot or Macsign software which is really basic to get you started. You design in illustrator and send it to Winplot. Search that site provided by Dakotagrafx and see if any compatible software is available for you to use. Good luck