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  1. Makers720

    SVG/ Logo Issue

    Thanks, guys! Y’all really don’t know how much this has helped me! I had done a rough draft of the logo and the lady helping with my screen printing put it together for me. I tried to do some work with it. I may have be the one that left all the other jumbled mess, but it didn’t show on my screen. I’ll be honest, I thought I could pick the design/vinyl thing pretty easy but it’s a lot harder than I imagined! I could get SCALP to convert it (maybe it was an error on my part) but I used an knline converter tool till I can get another program. If I want the words around the saw to cut as it shows, what other work would I need to do to it?
  2. Makers720

    SVG/ Logo Issue

    Hey, guys- New to game and having some issues with our logo. I converted it to svg, but having issues when I open it is SCALP, it puts a white box over the MAKERS portion and won't cut MAKERS. I've tried sending it to the back/moving MAKERS to the front, but no luck. Any ideas? diy makers art.svg diy makers art.pdf
  3. Makers720

    Newbie here

    Thanks, I had to delete and reinstall and it worked!
  4. Makers720

    Newbie here

    Hello, Recently bought a Titan 3 and got the Sure Cuts A Lot Pro 4 software. I’m having issues with the shapes, preloaded designs. They are not showing up at all. Previously I thought it was because I didn’t have the cutter set up, but I did that today and still having the same issue. Any trouble shooting ideas would be greatly appropriated!
  5. Makers720

    Quick Question

    Exactly, just looking for a software that could do this.
  6. Makers720

    Quick Question

    Hello, all! New to the forum and new to vinyl cutting. I am looking for a program that will convert a picture to an outline like the ones below. I have Cuts A Lot Pro 4, but still playing with it. Is it able to do this or is it a different software? Thanks!