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  1. I have seen some similar topics but nothing that is exactly my issue, so hopefully someone can help.

    I am having issues with Siser easyweed stretch adhering to sweatshirts.  The Shirts are Gildan G185 ( I washed them first with a mild detergent, NO fabric softener, to eliminate the shrink factor). I pressed the easyweed stretch using firm pressure in my clamshell press at 305 (which I triple verified using an infrared heat gun) for 15 seconds.  I let the vinyl cure for over 24 hours, and after washing inside out according to the instructions, I get wrinkling and peeling.  I’m at a loss, and don’t know what is going wrong.  Is it possibly that I shouldn’t use easyweed stretch on cotton blend shirts?  I used the same vinyl on a polyester moisture wicking shirt and had absolutely no issues.