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    Can anyone help please

    This is wot I have done it is more the fact that it is going off course where it is kicking out here is a new picture since I changed ofset i have got the ofset at 0.47 which seems height but this is best result I can get
  2. Jimbobz

    Can anyone help please

    I am using a cutter call pixmax only had it a week before that I have a Seiki and had that 2 years with no problem this only started since I got new cutter when the old one gave up it is small cut around 10mm in total and the circles are around 2mm i did blade offset through signcut and fitted the blade as normal with new Roland blade and adjusted with force to get the cut right
  3. Jimbobz

    Can anyone help please

    Hi I have set my cutter up and and having problems It seems to be wondering off and not closing cuts I have checked the belt tension blade off set which has closed the lines slightly but still has the lines kicking off it’s changed blade holder twice still no distance after 3 days of reading forums and trying to sort this out i have hit a dead end I have attached picture design is with coral draw 2018 cutting software signcut pro 2 many help would be great these are suppose to be circles