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  1. pawdell

    Another newby to the forum

    Hello! New myself.
  2. pawdell

    Testing Paint/Vinyl Compatibility?

    I want to test a paint manufacture with a few different vinyl types (Oracal 631, 651, and maybe 751). With the No/Low VOC and possibly other compatibility problems I have read about recently, can anyone tell me how long a test needs to take to make sure it is compatible? If the paint is one week old and I apply my vinyl test, at what point can I consider that the paint/application time is enough? Is the problem only that the vinyl doesn't stick or are there other problems like bubbling vinyl or something else? TIA!
  3. pawdell

    SVG/ Logo Issue

    Ha. Yeah - those features sound great. I'm sure I am missing many features like that. I do have weed box, so, there's that :-)
  4. pawdell

    SVG/ Logo Issue

    I can imagine. I have three licenses for Graphtec's pro software and I'm not sure if I will ever use them. I don't know (yet?) what I'm missing, but should investigate. That being said - Tux Plot seems very easy to use. I don't know how it could get any easier - (see above) :-). Of course, Inkscape helps me get there. It's amazing what it can do for the money. I should donate to Inkscape! Sorry to go off topic.
  5. pawdell

    SVG/ Logo Issue

    Yeah - Tux Plot is probably not the most popular program. It has been mentioned in these forum a few times going back nine years. It can send HPGL and GPGL (at least) giving me the flexibility to send speed, downforce, etc from the program. It may even be able to do contour cutting, but I haven't tried that out yet.
  6. pawdell

    SVG/ Logo Issue

    Tux Plot. It can use the fill, but not for cutting vinyl. Fill is more like a field operation. That is, if I understand it correctly.
  7. pawdell

    SVG/ Logo Issue

    It must depend on the software used to send to the cutter. The software I am cutting with takes an Inkscape svg stroke, without making the stroke a path, and the blade just follows the stroke.
  8. pawdell

    Fonts And How To Add??

    I'm sure there are many other places, but one site is
  9. pawdell

    SVG/ Logo Issue

    I'm new to the cutting portion of this and maybe the OP uploaded a fresh version, but I opened diy makers art.svg in Inkscape and did not have "crazy-lines". I'm not sure what software you are using to cut, but this uploaded version is set to the way I would need it for my software to have it cut (on path). I don't know if this helps you or not. diy makers art.modified.svg
  10. Does anyone know if there Is there a difference in blade quality from these two places: - Appears to be based in the US - Appears to be based in the UK Maybe they are affiliated.. ? Thanks.
  11. I guess this is the case of: Get confirmation prior to purchase. Graphtec replied back (quickly), but the dual tool holder is only available on the CE6000-40 model as it is part of their Automatic Sheet Cutter. As stated above, one would need to step up to the FC8600 to do what I want to do. Thanks for the replies. Not a deal breaker, but still a little disappointing.
  12. Yeah - I may have seen the initial $1750 post before purchasing this one. Perhaps my mistake on decision, but I'm not necessarily disappointed, either. The local pickup/meeting may have swayed my choice.
  13. Thank you. I will contact Graphtec.
  14. Hello, I am getting acquainted with the CE6000-60 Plus cutter. VERY nice, but not that I have any experience in other cutters. One question I have is the tool holder mount. Before I purchased the cutter, I went to Graphtec's website and selected the CE6000 Plus model and download the manual from that page, I found instructions and an image about blade holder placement in the blade holder mount depending on half-cutting or cutting out. The holder mount in the manual, when looking overhead, looks like the outline of a number "8". The mount on my Plus model is just a single hole so the blade is always over the cutting strip. My intentions with this cutter was to be able to cut out some material. I didn't want to have to use a carrier sheet. Am I missing something or is there an optional blade holder mount available? Thank you, Paul
  15. Thanks for the input. I looked in my manual, but admit that I need to read through it more. Mine did arrive with the rollers up, but I didn't know if that was more of a shipping thing.