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  1. pawdell

    Question on copyright infringment

    No. I am not going to fight it. As in, they win.
  2. pawdell

    Question on copyright infringment

    I designed a piece in 2015 and was selling it for years when I was served notice that a company has a trademark on the wording. After looking into the details, I find that they filed for the trademark in 2017 and received approval in 2019. I never filed anything originally and am not going to fight this although I feel, morally, my design belongs to me. Legally, I am sure I would be in the wrong had I kept selling the item. I should have offered to sell them my design (for a very large sum). They did offer for me to start selling their items for them, though...
  3. Why? If the glass isn't tinted, why not consider the option to mirror-cut and apply on the interior? Just curious.
  4. Is that applied inside or outside? It looks worse as you get higher and I see a vent in the interior wall that looks more like a register (not a cold air return). Could a heat duct have helped age vinyl of unknown quality, maybe? East sun is not as intense as the West, but still doesn't help...
  5. Yes, I know how software licensing works AFTER registering it. Thanks for the recap, there. I haven't registered it, so, technically, I cannot legally transfer it. I wouldn't be selling the license as you seem to think. Contacting Graphtec would have probably lead me to the information (who the owner is). Like I said, I haven't looked at the software as it is not necessary in our environment.
  6. I never even looked at the software. I doubt I'm going to read the EUA.
  7. My CE-6000 Plus came with three licenses for their software. If interested, I could check with Graphtec if I could sell a license to you.
  8. pawdell

    Friendly Reminder

    After I work on a drawing for a couple of hours and save, I ask myself if I would like to do that again. This motivates me to backup right away.
  9. pawdell

    Friendly Reminder

    Nice Kitchen. How thick is the backsplash? Does the cat approve of all this?
  10. Have you ever cut the same file one right after the other? Are the problem areas at identical locations or do they vary?
  11. All your information is easy to grasp after getting the cutter. Perhaps Graphtec should clarify this better (for me, at least) with the manual they have to download for the CE6000 Plus. It shows a dual holder mount - one position to cut. BTW, just trying to point this out to the OP, just in case it may matter to them. Also, the mount shown in the downloaded manual is not the mount included with mine.
  12. Thanks. Now my wife wants to know why I keep looking under our furniture.
  13. The 6000 cannot easily cut out objects (as I found out AFTER the fact). You can, but you'd need a cutting mat/carrier which appears to be a consumable, itself. The FC8600 allows this feature, though.
  14. Nice job! What material did you make the "basket" out of?