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  1. gmorrell

    applying 651

    Purchasing a new one this weekend, I've been in the Sign world for about 6 years now just thought I'd share some information for future viewers. Old thread but not closed to new viewers.
  2. gmorrell

    applying 651

    I would suggest not using 651 for body panels as well, I would jump straight to a product designed for that use. 3M controltac is much easier and user friendly.
  3. gmorrell

    boat vinyl

    Not OP, but I have found Rtape conform (medium tack) to be the best for pretty much any pressure sensitive media. It does not work well with Air release technologies. Also i would suggest a wet application for applying 651 as a color change piece or large chunk like he has makes it much more forgiving. Edit: Don't forget when wet applying and using mask, to not use clear mask for wet installs. Also if your mask is gripping the vinyl before its fully dried, spray app fluid on the mask and let sit, this will allow the masks' adhesive to become weaker.