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  1. Hello fellow cutters! I'm running a Graphtec fc8600-75 and using 3M's cutting software. I cut long jobs so I use the "Panel Cutting" option on the plotter (set to 10") so the machine doesn't have to feed the film (8ft) all the way in and out all the time. Normally when jobs are done the plotter does a crosscut at the end of the job an inch or two after the pattern. But around the time I switch to larger cuts and started using the "Panel Cutting" option on the plotter; I started having this strange problem where when the job is done instead of crosscutting like normal, the machine would such back the film a good amount a do a crosscut right through my design it just cut! I now wait patiently and turn the machine off when i think the job is done before it ruins my project. This is driving me crazy and its realy hard to know when some of my jobs are done so I keep waisting huge expensive pieces of 3m ppf. If anyone has any advice or tips I would be extremely grateful!!!! P.S. Beers or venmo if anyone can help Thank you and Take care G. Edit: Also happy if I could just turn off the crosscut when done option, if we cant figure out to do it in the right place
  2. MZ SKEETER you are a true angel!! That fixed all our problems. If there is anything you ever need in the Sacramento CA area or online please send a message Take care G
  3. Hi MZ Skeeter, Thank you so much for your reply and happy Saint Patties day!! Graphtec pro studio cutting software. Yes your right 30" I have my rollers set at about 23" and my patterns are all around 22" Here are a few pics of what im seeing I realy apriciat your time, we have been pulling our hair out c: G.
  4. Hello fellow cutters, Im having a strange problem with my grapftec cutter and software. fc8600-75 My cutter has a 24" bed and rolls. Recently I started having a strange problem where the graphtec soft ware will not let me make a pattern that is wider than 20". If I make a pattern that is wider than 20" it will automatically crop my shapes an move them to different line. When I put in a new roll and adjust the rollers the cutter says I can cut 22.9" but the software will not let me go over 20"(under is ok) Do you guys think its a software problem or is something getting lost in translation between the cutter and software? PS if your in the Sacramento area Beers are on me for any helpful replies c: Take care G.