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  1. TrackHawk707

    Heat foam for hat press

    Thanks goose and yes you definitely did mention the all star platen I just realized that. Sorry. I’m probably going to invest in that honestly if it makes things easier then the time alone is a big benefit. The pillows did work decently but like you said it can be a pain to stuff in there keep it lined up doing so and all that.
  2. TrackHawk707

    Heat foam for hat press

    Lmao yes the mirroring method! I done it so many times in the past that I think I finally got it down now. Appreciate the help I’m going to try tomorrow. The hotronix is coated from what my directions / info says so that’s good to know. Do you guys know of any firmer pillows or foam or do you guys just not use them at all? The pillows are better then nothing but still gets under my skin I can’t get these hats super smooth for a nice perfect press even after pre press and pulling it more.
  3. TrackHawk707

    Heat foam for hat press

    funny you say that goose. I legit cut it to size so that it was easier to line up perfectly. lol welp your idea is a home run much rather do that then have markings. even if it takes a little longer to center. thank you on the compliments the foam hats are super comfortable and the prints are nice and bright! the pre-press your talking about I do but I never thought to try and move it and confine it after the small press. I feel like i need to get more platens this one leaves a big gap in the center so unfortunately i don't think it will work but I'm def going to try. & Dakota yes I think I saw something on paper but figured if teflon was no good to use don't cover it but now I'm little mad at myself for getting this on my platen. I have some ez off think it could work? I never had to use it before so not really sure how to tackle that.
  4. TrackHawk707

    Heat foam for hat press

    Hey guys so my hotronix hat press came in and I was extremely happy up until I pressed my first hat. It was a foam hat and I did exactly what I was reading. (This was for sublimation) I placed my print lined it up and threw heat tape on it with no Teflon (which another bad idea) I don’t know why they tell you not to use it but some ink got on my heat platen and you’ll see it on my white hat below. Craft paper should probably have been used. but anyway so now the press completes and it has markings from the heat tape and a box around the print from the paper. I figured I needed more of a firm base so I didn’t get bent out of shape I ordered Teflon pillows and still getting creases in the hats I tried different pressures but did stay around the area pressure you should be at when applying subs and or vinyl. If anyone has any feedback I’d appreciate the help. I will attach some photos and maybe just let me know what you think. The red hat creased in the middle and the gray and white foam hats I’m sure you’ll see the marks. (Gray hat done with no pillow) everything else had the pillow. I looked for a firm heat safe foam but can’t seem to find anything safe for heat up to 400 degrees. One hat came out perfect and I think cause it’s a different style hat.
  5. TrackHawk707

    Intro for you all

    Thanks ! That’s awesome wish I was able to build lol not much of a auto mechanic but I can do super light work and basics haha & yeah the spare room is awesome (wish I had a little more room) but just what I need for now I guess so I appreciate the feedback!!
  6. TrackHawk707

    New to the forums

    Welcome ! Good luck continuing your journey! Guys and Ladies here are amazing!
  7. TrackHawk707

    100% Polyester Tanks

    Build my inventory slow pretty much but I recommend asking for deposits cause when I first started I’m a super nice guy and never did that and I can’t tell you how many times I ordered product and then they didn’t want the shirts anymore or never got back to me with a design ETC
  8. TrackHawk707

    100% Polyester Tanks

    So basically I order $50 bucks worth of product when ever I get a customer order. I ask for 10% - 20% deposit depending on what and how much they need. Normally they don’t need $50 dollars worth but I order what they need and then I use business money to get other product I use more frequently to get me to the free shipping. So long story short I order what ever the customer wants lol I just ordered some racerback tanks for 5k run for these girls and they are prefect.
  9. TrackHawk707

    What is this?

    whew crazy I seen them as I'm bored a searching around. maybe one day lol good news is my hat press came today and wow the build of the hotronix is beautiful !
  10. TrackHawk707

    What is this?

    Is that good for business though the ink will hold up? Always nervous with quality of new stuff I find out.
  11. TrackHawk707

    What is this?

    So as I scroll threw Instagram I came across what looks to be a new way to transfer full color images to me anyway. How is this done? clearly I can’t use my sawgrass as to that’s for polyester clearly. This looks to be transfer paper anyway not F&M stuff. I have an HP ENVY printer is this possible with that? I google searched but a few different things show up and I’m not exactly sure what’s what. I will attach images but I don’t own the rights just sharing for learning purposes and to give you all an idea. Sorry if this is a repost in anyway I just wanted to show what I found see if that’s something I can offer or even use it for hats with my new press
  12. TrackHawk707

    Starting Out With Vinyl Cutting

    Graphtec is so quiet, it’s ridiculous on how the servo motor makes such a difference compared to machines out there that don’t have it.
  13. TrackHawk707

    Starting Out With Vinyl Cutting

    if possible go right for the graphtec ! I mean I started small and it became an addiction and I love what I do and continuing to grow daily. just bought a hat press without testing the waters. hey if it don't work Im into hats thats what I collect so I will just make myself a bunch worse comes to worse LOL. I know you said a hobby but believe me even as a hobby the graphtec will be great and the learning curve is extremely easy to overcome. DO IT YOU WONT REGRET IT. haha no pressure
  14. TrackHawk707


    Welcome! yes Im with Dakota what machine did you go with? .. good luck !
  15. TrackHawk707

    100% Polyester Tanks

    I use jiffy shirt. great site and never had a problem with anything i ordered. I actually just placed an order for hats to see how they are but I'm sure they will be like everything else ... perfect