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  1. Cutting a 3x3" square came out to the correct in height and width in real life. However again, was cut messily.
  2. 1. Cutting with 1 layer of vinyl still yields messy results. 2. I changed the blade length, did not change anything. 3. There are no deformities to the cutting strip, and the blade tip is not broken. 4. It seems like it's making identically bad cuts. (ie. all the rounded squares appear to have the same deformities) 5. I don't have the pen adapter. 6. I double checked and the blade is sitting properly on the rails. I think that's everything, I'm not sure now what else the issue could be besides something mechanical.
  3. Unfortunately don't have a pen tool, but I did try to do it with 1 layer of vinyl instead and got the same messy results.
  4. For the life of me I can't figure out what the issue is, or why it's cutting like this. The only setting I haven't messed around with is Blade Offset, would using thicker material change this setting? It's just not cutting what it's supposed to, i'm not expecting crazy accurate laser cutting results or anything, but a circle should look more like a circle than an egg. And each corner of a rounded square should be similar. That's reasonable right? Worried that I might need to go and buy another cutter... if you guys can think of anything else that could be the problem please do not hesitate to let me know. Really appreciate all your guises help and suggestions so far, sorry that nothings worked yet.
  5. That's really odd because i've run it in the past on my mac, with Easy Cut Studio - and it properly printed and cut everything. I wonder if that really is the issue, maybe they just mean the software included is not compatible with Mac? I'm not sure but, I never noticed or had an issue with that before.
  6. It is a used cutter I picked up, i'm not the original owner. However I picked it up a while ago, and it used to work great until I moved and set it back up at my new place. It came with a different cutting software but it turned out the Mac version of it was severely outdated and not compatible. So I had to buy another cutting software.
  7. I'll give that a go, I'm using Easy Cut Studio. I've heard of that kind of vinyl but haven't been able to find it online anywhere? The issue is while the backing is metallic the top has to be white, and I haven't found anything at all online for white vinyl with a metallic backing. If you know of any or find any please do let me know, that would be a much preferred alternative!
  8. That's a good observation, but it's difficult for me to tell. Now that you mention it, it looks as though a lot of the rounded squares and circles have the same deformity, but every once in a while there's one that's just significantly worse than the already deformed ones. But for the most part, I think i'd say it's making identically wrong cuts.
  9. Blade tip and cutting tip look undeformed, also I just put in a brand new blade I bought and am having the same problem. Even when cutting with my blade out further than it was, I was never cutting through card stock.
  10. Thanks for the reply, so I went ahead and ran a single layer of vinyl through the cutter with the same schematics and actually it is still cutting very sloppily. Wavy lines that are supposed to be straight and, circles the still look like eggs. Another thing I noticed was actually that when cutting the circle stickers, occasionally it wouldn't properly meet the "start" and "end" points of the cut. So as a result I have a circle that's not entirely cut out and still attached to the rest of the vinyl, making it impossible to weed. Any ideas?
  11. So I went ahead and readjusted my blade length as it turns out I was using way too much. But I'm still having an issue with the shapes turning out sloppy. Also on top of that, some pieces of the square now remain uncut. It doesn't make sense - if it's cutting through the stickers in some places but not even cutting through stickers in other places - what's the problem? I think it's because the cuts aren't actually lining up properly. The circles are still turning out bad as well.
  12. Hey all, After spending days trying to look for a solution online and not finding anything, I finally made an account myself seeking help from people that actually know what they're doing. Below I've included a picture of both the template I'm using to cut from, and the finished product cut and weeded (no copyright content just generic shapes). As you can see in the template, what I'm trying to cut is mostly rounded squares and circles. I've checked the dimensions multiple times in the cutting software and they are equal and accurate mathematically. However if you take a look at the cut product (its much easier to see if you zoom in) there are a lot of imperfections. For example a lot of the circle stickers are actually more oval/egg shape than they are circles. I understand a machine cannot make a perfect circle, but surely it can do better than what it's doing now? Also for the rounded squares, it appears that each corner is rounded differently (ie. the bottom left corner is more round than the top right corner on some). I'm not sure what's causing this as I'm very new to vinyl cutting. Any suggestions or help would be seriously appreciated, thanks so much guys. If you need any more information feel free to ask and I'll get it to you if I know how to. IMPORTANT NOTE: Because these stickers were made to block very bright LED lights, these are actually composed of TWO layers of vinyl. So I have a black layer of vinyl, that I then overlay with a white piece of vinyl - then that double layered piece of vinyl is what goes through the cutter. I'm not sure if that'll affect anything besides cutting pressure, but it does mean I'm cutting through practically double the material. I also do put the vinyl onto a Cricut vinyl cutting mat that I run through the vinyl cutter to save space and not waste resources, since I'm only cutting on a 12x6" square of vinyl. MH Mk2 Cut Speed: 300 mm/s Cut Press: 390g Up Speed: 200 mm/s Baud rate: 4800 Blade Offset: 0.30 Blade: 45 Degrees