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  1. Its the angle of the photo. I did try a new blade holder, It did help slightly but it still starts to cut early. I ordered some new blade holders. I realized that I've probably cut 5,000+ 5" x 5" decals on the current blade holder. Just feels like something small is loose or I'm missing a setting some place.
  2. Blade is good. I replaced it with a new one too. Same issue. Blade holder is clean and oiled.
  3. Can't get much better of a picture.
  4. Are there settings or something I can do to minimize or correct it?
  5. The letters are small. 1/2" for capital 3/8" for lower case. The cutter does the same thing on all cuts no matter the size.
  6. Has the same issue. The blade comes down early, then moves into the actual cut on both the calibration in VinylMaster and when hitting the test button on the machine.
  7. After making adjustments to both my machines. Setting the blade depth. I can not get my SC2 34 cutting correct. It is starting the cut too early which is causing dove tails. The blade will start .5mm (or less) outside of the cut, the machines will then move into the cut, make the cut. For example, if I was cutting a circle. The blade would come down outside of the circle. Then move into the circle, cut the circle, the circle would be fine but because the blade started outside of the cut, dove tail. I've tried overcut from .5 all the way down to 0. Same issue. New blade. Same issue. Calibration for blade off set. Same issue. Am I missing a setting someplace about start cut offset?
  8. I ran the calibration and it ended up being 991.22 x 991.22. A slight adjustment to my blade offset and overcut (turned them down to BO .26 and OC 1.50) and my MH871 is cutting 5x5 and no dovetails. Time to do the SC34. Thank you darcshadow and MZ SKEETER for all your help.
  9. The calibration on the VinylMaster is just blade off set. If I run calibration it cuts a grid of 16 letters and asks me to pick the best one. It is usually A3, upper right. Blade offset is .28 (.011in) Blade Depth and force, I think are fine. I've read a lot of your posts about blade depth. Making the adjustments you have suggested in other posts have stopped the dovetails other times for me. I have the blade set to cut the vinyl and it barely leaves marks in the backing paper. The force is around 30-40. Peels perfect. Doesn't pull up any edges. But this seems like it is something different. The problem is if I create a 5" x 5" square in VinylMaster, it will cut 5 1/8" by 5 1/8". Where is the extra 1/8" coming from? If I change the units per inch it will now cut 5" x 5" but no matter what adjustments I make I get dove tails. The tails are almost like a 1/4 of a circle.
  10. I'm having a weird issue with VinylMaster Cut. Basically the program is adding 1/8" to my designs. I'm on Windows 10. MH871 MK2 - 6ft USB - USB 2.0 SC 34 - 15ft USB - USB 2.0 I will create a 5" x 5" square in VinylMaster. I will send it to my cutter(s) - MH871 MK2 and SC 34. Both machines will cut the square as 5 1/8" by 5 1/8". So if I make the design 4.875" x 4.875". The square will come out to be 5" x 5". In the Vinyl Spooler settings (press F2 or go to Cutter - > Configure Cutter), there are unit settings (under the units tab). Mine are set to 1016 x 1016 units per inch / 40 x 40 units per mm. If I change units per inch to be 1000 x 1000. My 5" x 5" decal will cut 5" x 5" size BUT I will get really bad dovetails no matter what adjustments I make. I have tried: Adjusting the blade. Adjusting overcut from 2.00 down to .10 the machine will cut the design, connecting the line do the dove tail on for example .30 but then on .29 it won't connect the line but still do the dovetail. Adjusting blade offset from .10 to .35 Adjust the roller tension. Tighten the belt. Cleaned the machine. Replace the white cut strip. Adjust the speed (10 up to 400mms) Adjust the force/pressure (10-100). Oiled the blade holder. I tried a different blade holder - which helped but the problem is still there. I tried SignCut Pro. I tried unintalling and reinstalling VinylMaster. I tried multiple .svg files. I even created a new .svg file. I tried VinylMaster on my other computer. Same result. I even used a different USB cable, 3ft. So I either need to make my decals 4.875" tall to get 5" tall or deal with dovetails. I can deal with the former, but then none of the measurements the program is telling me are right. I'm pretty sure this issue has always been here since I got my MH 871 back in 2016 and started using VinylMaster Cut. I just now noticed it since I actually had to measure a decal for a certain area. Has any one come across this issue? I feel like I have tried everything to fix this issue with no luck at all.