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  1. Hey guys. Was curious if its possible to slow down the cutter to below 100mm/sec? If I'm doing some smaller work with high detail, i figure it would be beneficial. Its a 53" wide SC2 with the laser. Great for larger work, but, smaller work pieces i feel like would benefit from a slower feedrate. The accuracy isnt there, cuts are rough and peel up from the vinyl. Larger pieces come out fantastic. Am I missing something obvious? I know I can set it from the HIM panel on the cutter, but, is there a way to do it in VinylMaster 4LT? Thanks!
  2. Zeppelin1007

    Slow down speed lower than 100mm/sec?

    Only cuts rough on tiny objects. I used the credit card suggestion. Where you set the depth of the blade to about half the thickness of the credit card. Worked fine so far, but some 2ft wide with fantastic results. Bunch of 12" wide heat transfer sheets. But a buddy wants to run some 2"x2" logos and I know darn well its hit or miss for me. Best test file: trying to cut a troll face in a 2" x 2" area
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    Slow down speed lower than 100mm/sec?

    Hey MZ Skeeter, I'll give that a shot when I get home, thanks. I only notice it though on super tiny stuff though, hence my thought on feedrate.
  4. Hey guys. Uh., Im really puzzled on this one. I purchased a refurbished 53" SC2 from USCutter. Arrived a week later. I set it up. Didnt get around to hooking it up to the computer. Plugged in the 120Vac and ran the "test" function a few times with the pen plotter and a piece of paper. All seemed to go well. Decided to get around to actually cutting something today. Installed Vinylmaster. Plugged in the usb...and really bad things happened. You know that smell, that you sure aren't supposed to smell around electronics? yeah. That's what this cutter did. I peeked at the motherboard. One of the Toshiba Stepper driver chips is nice and black around 2-3 pins and has the burnt smell. Mind you, the machine wasn't even turned on. No fuses blew. It's plotted before from the test program. I havent checked to see if the PSU is ok. I'll be calling USCutter support Monday in hopes of a replacement motherboard...dang! I cant even comprehend how USB would blow a stepper driver? PS i own several CNC machines I've built, imported, or rebuilt myself, so I'm no stranger to the internals. Im genuinely puzzled at this one. Anyone else heard of this? Similar experiences? Maybe next time around I'll go with good ole serial port instead.
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    Plugged My SC2 into USB. It blew up.

    Well atleast im not alone! Surprised the toshiba TB0660xxx chips are in these. Every CNC noob makes the mistake of using em. Myself included. Still beyond puzzled. Powered up fine. Add usb while its off..boom. Ill test the psu tomorrow. Man i was looking forward to finally using it too.