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  1. So I downloaded a trial version of the software he used with his machine, Flexi 12. They insisted they would help me trouble shoot the problem and get my machine connected to their software. Upon initial troubleshooting, we find out that my cable is not allowing communication. So I went to a computer supply here in town and purchased the proper cable. Still isn't working but I'm getting closer! Thank you all sincerely for your comments and input. It has all helped pushing me forward toward resolving this. I will update everyone tomorrow!
  2. Great info but it still get a "Error 1 Instruction not recognized" message and it cuts random lines until I stop it. The Graphtec support told me that CM2 is the version that runs my model (FC5100-150) But I could not import any of my designs into it. I tried every one of the save as options. So I called them again and they said that CM4 has been known to work but apparently with some install trick. They ultimately told me that they do not support this model anymore. So Now I got SignCutPro2 downloaded and it makes the cutter work after sending a job to cut but with that Error 1 code.
  3. How do I save them as version 8?
  4. Ok I've downloaded but now I can not seem to open any of my illustrator files into signblazer.
  5. I have recently purchased an older Graphtec FC 5100-150. It's literally in like new condition. I went online and downloaded cutting master 2 software from only to find out that it is not compatible with the newer Illustrator. So then I hear that I can only use Cut Master 4 with the 2018 Illustrator program but can anyone tell me if CM4 compatable with the FC 5100-150? If so, how much does it cost? Is there any other software I might be able to use? Thank you in advance for any help!!