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    Newbie Loading Vinyl Onto Machine

    OK thanks for the replies. I'm going to go through the forum section, Information For New Equipment Owners , though in your replies there are a couple of points I'll come back to you on.
  2. I have a SEIKI SK720T 28" vinyl cutter plotter and I'm using Sure Cuts A Lot sign making, design software. I've set up THE to print out as a word as you can see in photo 5. As a newbie I lined up the vinyl roll on the left side of the machine, photo 2. However I found when I cut, the little line squares I put on the top left and right corners, these didn't get cut, the cut line was right along the top of the letters as you can see in photo 4. Then I thought I could turn the vinyl round so its edge lined up with the right side of the machine. I found that the blade holder wouldn't let me do this.As a newbie I thought I could alter the origin. I thought this allowed me to start the cut at a certain position. This time the vinyl got chewed up, please help me understand how to set up properly for cutting? I want to reuse the chewed up vinyl but cutting THE on the other side of the sheet. Thanks.