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  1. Afternoon all. Seem to be having some issues with my contour cutter. I go through the contour cutting build, print my stickers out on my regular laser printer, put the sheet into the cutter to cut, start going through the processes and click cut and the laser will come on and them this screen pops up. (see attached) then nothing it will just sit there. I let it sit for an hour one time. Then i tried to manually move to the marks with the keypad on the machine and it did not cut right at all. Any one else have this problem or have any ideas on what to do. I have watched every (tutorial) video there is and i still cant get it to cut. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. Awesome thanks. Ebay is expensive.. WOW Amazon
  3. Yeah im on USB. So your saying its better Serial? Ill have to get the adapter then. Thanks for the advice
  4. It wont advance to the next mark. I can click on the arrows to move to the next Mark but it will not move. So there is a issue somewhere.
  5. Yeah. i think ill just have to call them tomorrow. I have watched every video ever tip and so on and it will just not cut
  6. Yeah i totally get that. But shouldnt the laser come on so i can align up the marks. It does not do that and the cutter does not show move to the next mark like it use to.. it just shows idle. and when i click on next it just moves to a random spot. Using the arrow keys on the screen do not do anything as well
  7. Yep. Done that video as well but no laser pointer comes on. It will just keep moving around with no laser pointer.. Ive calibrated it about 6 times now.
  8. I dont think that is the problem. I even tried the "test" page that they have on the cut wizard and no luck with that either.
  9. Hello all first time here and a noobie for vinyl master 4.0. I have searched every where to find some answers but I'm not having any luck. i have a high school logo that i need to print onto some shirts. i have 3 colors but of course one of them is white (which needs to be printed) because the shirts are black... I know vinymaster does not recognize white when you vectorize the image. But is there a way to get it to print the white area? See the image i have attached Thanks for your patience with the question that im sure the answer in NO
  10. erock

    separating colors

    Never occurred to me to ask that. But i will now
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    separating colors

    Awesome, Thanks MZ SKEETER
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    separating colors

    It appears the Punch out function is not in the basic vinylmaster cut 4.0
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    separating colors

    Thanks for the reply darcshadow. Is there any video tutorials on the punch? As far as the TM goes. Im good to go, the school sent me the images and permissions to use.