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    Titan 2 mother board install

    Yes, the first thing I did was take pics. One wire at a time. Thank you! I had went to the support/ solutions and couldn't find anything about the motherboard. Thank you! I already had replaced the carriage twice and the circuit board on top of it. The 5 techs that I talked to at US Cutters are stumped. That's why I have a new mother board. Thank you everyone. I'm just gonna take it slow and double check my work and hopefully fixes the problem.
  2. I'm having to replace my mother board on my Titan 2. Its still under warranty. Talking with US Cutters they sent me a new board, but no installation info. It looks fairly simple, but is there anything I need to know before I install it? I looked on their website and you tube, but no luck trying to find anything on it. Any help would be appreciated.