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  1. Intheshaw

    Can't Find Font

    Which version are you using? I need to cut a company logo that's just text but the eps file they gave me still is poor. Figured I'll try the free version but curious to see if the pro version is worth it
  2. Intheshaw

    Wood finish over vinyl

    Does anyone have any experience on putting wood finish over vinyl, specifically a water based poly? I've got a customer who wants a wood sign with the company name on it for outside. Looking to stick vinyl on the wood and coat the entire thing with an outdoor rated polyurethane but I'm not sure if it will stick well. My other option would be to use paint mask and paint the sign and then coat the whole thing. I'm leaning towards the poly 'should' work but I don't know for sure. Painting isn't the end of the world but will just take a bit longer. Thanks!
  3. Intheshaw

    Mele Kalikimaka!

    Staying in Kaanapali for a few days, spending most of our trip in Oahu. Haven't been outer island in a few years and probably like Maui the best.
  4. Intheshaw

    Mele Kalikimaka!

    Dakota, you ever figure out about the passes? I'll be in Maui in a couple of days, figured it was just the $25 fee like always. Only restrictions I'm seeing in the 1.50 reservation fee for a sunrise.
  5. Hi Everyone, as an FYI the training DVD is on sale for the month of April for $99. Now my question is, I don't have Flexi but have the software included with the CE6000 plus I bought and want to know if there is enough overlap between Pro Studio and Flexi to justify the DVD. From what I keep seeing, Mark is the go-to Flexi trainer and was hoping the rebranded software is close enough. Thanks!
  6. Intheshaw

    Hi Everyone!

    Finally got around to getting this thing cutting last week, been having to fight the wife over the laptop usage so I just went out and bought a used old tower for cheap and it seems to be working well. I can say I'm truly amazed by the graphtec and was cutting within about 30 minutes of messing with the setting. Still learning but I've cut out a few plain text decals and they turned out great.
  7. Intheshaw

    Starting Out With Vinyl Cutting

    Go directly to graphtec, I'm just starting out and went right to it and don't regret it. Bought it because I already had people committed for $300 in sales so it was an easy choice. Had it set up and cutting within an hour. I do this as my side business and would rather spend my time making money than fighting the machine. Since I've gotten it, I've gotten all kinds of requests from friends for stickers and shirts (got it with the heat press).
  8. Intheshaw

    Screen Printing ?

    Playing around with screen printing is what bought me here. Shelled out about $100 on materials and built a couple wood screens. They work really well and I have 2 screens currently set up to be used on a press I built but it's only for bulk runs of stuff and of course everyone that wants to buy some of my stuff wants it customized, which is what lead me to buy a vinyl cutter. I'll probably keep up screen printing a little but I'm guessing my focus is going to go more towards cutting if/when I finally have some time to get my cutter running. The trends I see with people right now is customized everything and anything.
  9. Intheshaw

    Hi Everyone!

    I jumped in with both feet and bought the graphtec, just finished putting the stand together as it's been in boxes in my basement for the last 2 weeks because my day job takes over my life this time of year. Hopefully I'll be cutting some trial runs this weekend.
  10. Intheshaw

    looking for tips and tricks on this vector

    Skeeter, does his discs work with the graphtec branded software too? Just got my cutter last night and if it's worth buying the CDs I'll grab them
  11. Intheshaw

    Hi Everyone!

    Yeah, then my compressor definitely won't work as it's just 2.6 cfm at 90 psi. It's great for nail guns but not automotive. I'll have to keep an eye out for a larger compressor.
  12. Intheshaw

    Hi Everyone!

    Thanks guys. I'll take a look. Do you need a large compressor? I've got a 175 psi 6 gal pancake that's perfect for woodworking but probably too small for anything like sandblasting. I may be able to steal my brothers 40 gal since he's in the middle of building a house and I think it's just in storage.
  13. Intheshaw

    Hi Everyone!

    It's a doubled edges sword, show her what can be done and she wont care if I buy the tools to do it BUT then I'll only work on stuff for her. I'm already in the middle of building a built-in mudroom bench that she was sure to remind me last night needs to be finished before I mess with the cutter haha. For sandblasters, what are you guys using? Just one of those cheap harbor freight ones or something else? I wouldn't think you would need anything fancy to blast on glass but maybe I'm wrong.
  14. Intheshaw

    Hi Everyone!

    Maybe I'll have a reason to buy a sandblaster now. In the meantime my wife had already bought some of the etched glass look spray paint that I'll try out eventually. And uscutter is fast at shipping, went out today and is scheduled for delivery on Saturday. Good to know it's really fast to the Midwest.
  15. Intheshaw

    Hi Everyone!

    Thanks for the input. I probably am starting off with way too much, I was just hoping to save on future shipping costs. My plan is to learn on the vinyl the move on to the paint mask. I got the mask so I could add a custom painted aspect to my side woodworking business but also look to make money off of vinyl and shirts. My end goal would be to use the 24" stuff but I bought some 15" mainly to practice on. I'm sure I'll be hitting up the shop again when I realize what I like and don't like, I was just trying to eliminate any small follow-up orders right away. Now thinking I wish I bought some different brands of transfer tapes but I'll make sure I do that on my next order. Thanks for the input!