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  1. Pixels Edge

    Cutting Overlap

    Success! I rolled out additional vinyl to provide more slack and instead of setting the file up vertically to fit the 24" dimension of the vinyl I broke the text in two and ran it on the 24" dimension horizontally. I am going to run some additional test because it would be beneficial for me to run my files vertically within the 24" width of the vinyl. I will share any useful information I gain from my testing this weekend. Thanks to everyone who offered assistance, I was greatly appreciated!
  2. Pixels Edge

    Cutting Overlap

    Sorry, I did see that file and I have downloaded it and will test it shortly. Thank You.
  3. Pixels Edge

    Cutting Overlap

    Sorry I had to leave last night but to answer a couple of the questions, the cuts are not jaggy they are clean. I apologize but I am a NEWBY to the US Cutter family can you clarify what "PM's" stands for? I am going to take a look at the slack in the vinyl roll as well this morning. Something I noticed is that there is an imprint of the metal friction roller being left on the vinyl is that a sign that the tension for the vinyl grippers are too tight? I did not adjust those during assembly and I have left them at factory settings. One thing I want to also mention is that the cuts from the imported AI file were much more overlapped then the cuts from the text set within Vinyl Master. I have attached a second photo showing the vinyl cut using the imported AI file. I also discovered that a star had been cut at sometime prior either as part of a test or.... I really don't know where that came from.
  4. Pixels Edge

    Cutting Overlap

    I did try typing it directly into Vinyl Master which was a little better than the imported AI file. The previous photo showing the letters "P" and "u" were set in Vinyl Master.
  5. Pixels Edge

    Cutting Overlap

    I have attached a screen cap of the type set in Vinyl Master. FYI - The "®" did cut with out overlapping.
  6. Pixels Edge

    Cutting Overlap

    No it is a Helvetica Heavy font with quite a bit of letter spacing
  7. Pixels Edge

    Cutting Overlap

    I just purchased a 28" MH 871-MK2. It is setup and has cut test images. I am running Windows 8 and using Vinyl Master Cut V4.0 uilizing a serial port connection. I imported and outlined Illustrator file of nothing but large letters approximately 3" tall and when it cuts it is not recognizing all of the spacing between letters and the cutter is overlapping the cut letters. I also set the same letters within the Vinyl Master software and sent that to the cutter with the same result. Any thoughts?