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  1. Good news the Titan 3SE showed today and cuts are looking good now. My only thing to whine about now is they sent me 2 cutters neither had screws to put stand together. So tomorrow i will go buying screws, i have been using the old Zencut stand with only 2 bolts lined up to hold in place. Amazing the stands never line up with other cutters and i have 5 blade holders from other cutters and none are same size as this uses. I like to use one to run a blade upside down to test where my cuts will be on helmet vinyls without switching between cut blade and test blade. I only played with the ARMS for maybe 30 minutes and with one auto adjust and one tweak manually it contours pretty spot on. Im pretty excited about the time i can save with that. Just set it to cut out some difficult contours and go finish one of the many household projects i started.
  2. They did send the Titan 3 SE i ordered and i will finally get it Friday. Ordered Feb 1st. Im still having cut problems with the Titan 2 they sent, when i run a blade offset test in Vinylmaster none of the sections cut acceptable. I have the blade barely visible barely cuts the vinyl, in fact in the test cuts some pieces will lift some do not with out help. The blade carriage belt feels like it should be tighter might be the problem. It was returned. But is suppose to be good to go now. I hope something is wrong with it because my Zencut was far and away cutting better than this one. I would sure hope a 6 year newer Pro version cutter would kick its but.
  3. Brutal, i found a place has an X axis for teh Puma 3... $208 plus shipping Be worth it actually to have the Zencut back, but what if its the main board. It would cut fine then suddenly make straight cuts with no back n fourth movement. I could push the rollers by hand and it would go again then again stop. Does that sound like X axis motor?
  4. It appears im just having a hard time learning curving this Servo motor. The Zencut used Tangential or whatever so i never even changed blade offset in 5 years.
  5. I get good cuts on the pulling toward me cut but when pulling away cutting its cutting too deep. This was a refurb so maybe thats it. I originally bought a Titan 3 SE they sent me Titan 2 SE is what im playing with. Im now thinking just return this and buy a tabletop 15" Titan 3 New. My helmet vinyl is 12 inch wide. And i am searching for X axis for my Zencut to do my automotive and HTV vinyls. I found one on Ebay for $700, haha its a complete ZenBlack 24". I offered him $400 being out of warranty with no parts available. He replied $650. Sheesh for $400 i can get a new something with 3 year warratny and parts available. The other option is just buy a Graphtec CE6000 60 and use it for all vinyl. Spendy though but i hear its also more Flexi friendly. 2 on Ebay for $1575 shipped.
  6. So what would cause all vinyl pulling toward me to cut perfect, but when pulling back away from me terrible deeper cuts. Im using Vinylmastercut, Oracal 651, 45 and 60 blades. Ive run the calibration and the best cuts still are deeper closer to me then the other end.