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  1. freddybpr

    Hello guys, and a warm hello from Puerto Rico!!

    Thanks a lot everyone for your time and advices!!!!! Titan 2 it is !!!!
  2. freddybpr

    Hello guys, and a warm hello from Puerto Rico!!

    thanks a lot guys... I think i gonna bite the bullet and get the Titan 2. Now for the software, do i need to upgrade for the LTR version or I can get away with inkspace or do you recommend another program? I am pretty good with Silhouette Studio (business edition) but does not works with the titan Thanks again for your support and helping me out on this adventure
  3. freddybpr

    Hello guys, and a warm hello from Puerto Rico!!

    Less than a $1,000 as possible.... ( i know that Titan 2 is $1,050.00)
  4. Right now I run you can say a "side business" from home of decals, T shirt (htv) and and some sublimated blanks. I will like to add signs for vehicles, shops, banners, etc.Currently I just have a Cameo 3 which limit me to 12" tall x 10 feet long of max area to work. I will like to get a 24" cutter to cover a bigger area. I know a lot of people says Graphtec is the way to go, but I can't really justify that price tag yet. I will love a servo motor cutter, that's why I'm thinking on the Titan 2. To ALL Pros here, should I get the Titan 2 or you guys think I can get by with the Titan 1 or other cutter like the LP3 or the SC? Thanks in advance and I am whiling to read all your advises.
  5. Hi guys, I can't decide between the MH series and the SC2(contour cutting feature, don't know how important this plan to use it mainly for decals and some cardstock. Other question is to get 28" or 34"? Thanks in advance for all the imputs that you can provide me!