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    Design and cut multiple pieces of the same design

    Hi! Way to go on getting an order for 200 decals when you just started! I recently did an order of 600 decals, and I cut them about 24 at a time. I tried cutting more at once, but if something went wrong I could end up wasting a lot of vinyl and time. I found it more manageable to do them in batches. I prepped and packaged them in bundles of 50 to help me keep count. You can use the "duplicate" feature in SCAL to make a grid of multiple copies of your design. Then send that group to the cutter. You'll just need to adjust your mat size to fit however many you want to cut in a batch. For example, you could make a 24" x 48" mat or 12" x 48" or whatever size you are using. Make a grid of as many of your design as you want to cut, and go to town. Hope that helps!