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  1. DebbieDenzine

    Im still looking for a heat press (ebay ?)

    Don't have a vinyl cutter yet but that's my next purchase any suggestions on that brand I'm all new at this just beginning
  2. DebbieDenzine

    Im still looking for a heat press (ebay ?)

    Hi I'm thinking on buying a Knight DC16 heat press any suggestions
  3. DebbieDenzine

    Heat Transfer Vinyl

    Can any one give me a Idea on a really good heat press money ant a problem
  4. DebbieDenzine

    Some Feedback/reviews, looking for a new cutter

    Can u us any software or does it have to be just for that machine
  5. DebbieDenzine

    Cameo Silhouette or SC 25"

    I'm looking at getting a vinyl cutter starting a small business owner and my own I'm new at this so I need help on a good quality machine don't want to go small 24 or bigger so if I can get some feed back on a few cutter it would be appreciated I'm running to word a us cutter or a cameo