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  1. X1ArmBanditx

    My largest work so far

    looks good!
  2. X1ArmBanditx

    Wrinkled HTV after first test wash

  3. X1ArmBanditx

    First Video I've made

    nice vid and great job! what transfer paper are you using? i ask because i just went from oracal clear transfer to mz skeeters recommendation i got some main tape( NEKOOSA ) and its more of a paper not a plastic clear and i love it..that being said, i havent had a big job yet but have to do a trailer for a buddies siding windows and doors company, so as i watched your video i thought i was seeing you spray the transfer tape before you peel..what is the purpose of that?
  4. X1ArmBanditx

    Help Vectorizing

    i agree with this..it always use the shirt color ALWAYS lol..i does breathe better and it looks better to me imo plus it gives les feel its like have you ever used 3g opaque o something..you cant use the whole 11x17 sheet on a shirt or it would be like wearing a piece of cardboard but if you have the right design and spacing/breathing room in said design, its good
  5. X1ArmBanditx

    Stacking Vinyl

    i like layering for reg vinyl, gives a good texture imo..but with htv on a shirt i use the knock out method
  6. X1ArmBanditx

    Upgrade Question

    my head hurts after that one
  7. X1ArmBanditx

    Upgrade Question

    im thinking dirt track car size..youd see it patched..nice to have a big verscamm but i have to work up to that
  8. X1ArmBanditx

    Upgrade Question

    just referring to the which 50 cutter..isnt the titan3 servo?
  9. X1ArmBanditx

    Upgrade Question

    i can buy it that the electronics like the board may go out sooner(but with the price gap between the 50+inch machines i could deal with buying a parts here n there)..the main thing is the detailed cuts you speak of? better more precise servo motors? im not trying to say you are wrong i just simply would like to know whats in the graphtec that makes it more precise..not just because theyve been around the block for years but real evidence of why its better..like a few things i cant do, or not do better that the titan 3 se...both vac hold down, both servo, not sure if blade/blade holder is the same again, im just trying to get info for the OP and myself..more of facts based info not just hear say(not argue lol)
  10. X1ArmBanditx

    Upgrade Question

    not trying to hijack the thread but im really on the fence about a new cutter also and for the price of a 28inch or whatever graphtec, i can get a 53inch titan 3 maybe 60 inch...i dont get why the graphtec is held so high and is better..like here in the states lets say you have 2 motorcycles both look the same but one says harley davidson..you will pay more for the harley just because of the name so what really makes graphtec better?
  11. X1ArmBanditx

    Easyweed vs. Easyweed Stretch

    good question .. i have a roll of stretch but have never touched it because im so used to the reg
  12. X1ArmBanditx

    Help Vectorizing

    might need to redraw that one..i ran it thru vector magic and is just too low of quality
  13. X1ArmBanditx

    Print Work

    unless you want a transfer made, if its small, 3g could be an option for u if you have a pigment inkjet handy(that is if its going on a shirt, i just seen you said decal so might need an eco solvent print made)
  14. X1ArmBanditx

    Print Work

    what is it
  15. X1ArmBanditx

    What is this?

    could be jpss on the light and 3G opaque on the dark fabric..