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  1. Rachelle

    HTV Bunching Up

    What is a good setting for cutting HTV? I have not reset anything on the machine, unless I accidentally pushed a button I shouldn't have. So the machine is set to speed-540mm and force 164g. I'm so used to just choosing presets on the silhouette. Thanks for the help
  2. I recently set up my Titan and I'm trying to get a feel for it. I switched from the Silhouette and this seems a little more complicated to set up correctly. Sometimes when cutting a larger solid design (about 10"-12") the HTV starts to bunch up at the blade. It seems like the blade depth is correct as it doesn't cut through the backing. Also, are the pinch rollers supposed to be set directly above the feed rollers? I assume so because it didn't feed correctly when they weren't aligned, but then why would they be adjustable? I wish the instructions were more clear.