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  1. I may have solved the issue. Hold on.
  2. Good point on the nodes, but these graphics have very few. The rectangles only have 4 nodes (1 per corner). For the other objects I use the Illustrator node smoothing tool a lot which brings the number way down.
  3. These are relatively small cuts (about 0.5 inches per object). I have checked out the blade and blade holder and even switched with my other graphtec cutter to make sure that wasn't it. Only the very tip of the blade is out and barely marks the paper backing of the 651 vinyl. No vinyl scraps in the holder and the blade rotates freely. Tangential Mode 1 lifts up and touches down a lot, so I've always had it on Mode 2. I change the overcut to 0.01 and have attached an image of the TEST cut (left is Mode 1 right is Mode 2). Offset angle has been back to 30 degrees for awhile. Graphtec Support is currently closed so no luck on that. Will try again in a few hours. Command has been at GP-GL since factory reset.
  4. Ok I reset my cuter to default settings and installed the Graphtec Cutting Controller. I set condition 1 as shown in the picture, all other settings are default. The other image is a cut that I did where the bottom 4 objects are a reflection of the top 4. You can see that the bottom is cutting thinner than the top. So far still having the same issue
  5. I will try the factory reset. What program do you use to set the conditions on your cutter? I have cutting master 4 and the illustrator plugin.
  6. If I set the offset angle to 0 I get perfect, clean cuts and straight lines but the cutter is VERY slow and makes lots of micromovements. If I leave it at an angle of 30 it goes quickly but doesnt cut straight lines. Any ideas?
  7. Ok thank you! I will continue to debug this here
  8. Good point. I'll move that over as well
  9. Fixed it! My offset angle was at 60. Changed that to 0 and everything is straight. I'm going to test out the mirrored image problem now
  10. Here's an image of the whole front
  11. CE6000-60 Plus both of them
  12. Cutting at 5 cm/s with a force of 10 for Oracal 651. Blade is at a depth where it only slightly nicks the backing paper. Blade offset is at 0. I have tried slowing down to the lowest (1 cm/s) but same results. Both cutters are CE6000-60 Plus
  13. Thanks for the reply MZ SKEETER. In between the time that I posted this and your reply I have been debugging the issue. It appears that neither of my cutters are actually cutting good lines at all. In the photo I attached to this reply you can see that the hexagon has uneven widths on every side. I have been using these graphtec cutters for bigger designs so I didn't realize the problem until now. Any ideas?
  14. Hello there! I have two Graphtec CE6000-60 cutters and the weirdest thing is happening. I am trying to mirror an object but the cut is coming out thinner than the original. This happens both in Cutting Master 4 and VinylMaster. I even tried mirroring using Illustrator and the cut still came out thinner than the original. I'm honestly so confused why this is occurring. The objects are identical in every way. I have attached the object file for reference and a picture of the cut that I am getting. The left is the original and the right is mirrored.