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  1. Worble7

    Graphtec CE6000-60

    yep I understand.
  2. Worble7

    Graphtec CE6000-60

    I'm looking to do some custom stuff like pet breeds and team logos along with color and reflective beads stuff the other guys don't do :) Like this with address numbers in between. Thanks Jeff
  3. Worble7

    Graphtec CE6000-60

    MZ SKEETER, Thanks
  4. Worble7

    Graphtec CE6000-60

    MZ SKEETER, What if I buy the cutter used can I still get the software? Is Flexi easy to use for beginners? Do you think the vinyl will stick to concrete to spray a stencil? Thanks Again. Jeff
  5. Worble7

    Graphtec CE6000-60

    Hello Everyone :). My first post here I have a few questions I hope someone can help with. So what I'm trying to do is custom curb address stencils Painting not sure if this is going to work but the idea is good. 1. Will vinyl stick to concrete does anyone know? 2. Thinking of using graphtec ce6000-60 to make address stencils is this a good choice? 3. What software is best to use for beginners? I'm sure I will have a ton more questions in time. Thanks for the help. Jeff
  6. Worble7

    Photo etched into glass

    Looks great nice work.