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  1. Will damn Dakotagrafx just give me your home number you have all the info worked perfect. Thanks again!!
  2. Sorry for all the dumb questions I even tested it on a small piece of vinyl and knew it would cut what the lines show and it did lol. I tried to delete the area with the eraser and thats makes a mess. So how do I do it?? Thanks for the help again. Jeff
  3. Dakotagrafx I thought I had to drop them into the Graphtec Studio Pro folder. Thanks for the help
  4. Well I know there's a way I just can't figure it out? I loaded a font to the font folder see pic. and it did not work. So how do I load fonts and the best place to get fonts. Thanks Jeff
  5. Wildgoose, I guess it's like anything else new it will take time but some are smarter than others lol Right now it's like looking at and airplane instrument panel. Thanks Jeff
  6. Thanks Wildgoose, I'm finding out alot real fast I thought it would Be like plug and play push the button and a decal is cut out it's not that easy sometimes. Thanks Jeff
  7. Thank you slice&dice, Wildgoose, shaneGreen, I will try that wildgoose shanegreen I'm missing it on the reflective tape about How to remove it I do have some of it and it's expensive would not want to mess alot if that up. Thanks for all the help everyone. Jeff
  8. haumana, New cutting teflon strip new clean cut 60 deg. Blade with no cut marks on my vinyl backing. I can't say how old my vinyl is I just bought it and the transfer paper matter fact I now have tried 2 different kinds of transfer paper and they both dont pull up the vinyl. I have been squeegeeing the hell out of it with only some of it coming up. Any tips tricks would be greatly appreciated I'm at a lose on this and can't do anything with my vinyl. Thanks Jeff
  9. Transfer Paper not lifting my vinyl Transfer paper is MT80P and the vinyl is Oracal 651 any ideas what tape will really work on this vinyl??? Thanks Jeff
  10. Cool thanks mfatty500 for the help and tip
  11. Installed new teflon cutting strip it was hella easy just in case you don't think you can do it...... you can trust me. Thanks Jeff
  12. Dakotagrafx Thanks I will look into that.
  13. Now Dakotagrafx I have a question I was using graphtec studio but I get Graphtec Pro Studio 2.40 (AKA Flexidesigner 10) Free So mt thought was get use to the graphtec and then the pro will become easier? Then I change my mind now I think it would be better to learn pro from the start so besides youtube and asking a ton of questions in here is there a place I can learn how to use the program better? Here's my first question so I cleaned up an image with bitmap vectorize bezier and I can't get the red changed white to open up in the letters? how can I do this? Thanks Jeff
  14. Getting new teflon strip today so I decided to remove the old one and see how hard it really was used this tool and it popped right up